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twenty fourth jump;

CHARACTERS: Any and all.
LOCATION: Gravity Couches and beyond.
WARNINGS: Maybe some swearing, or even some violence, and more than likely some implied (and possibly explicit) nakedness.
SUMMARY: Another month, another jump, another round of new faces.
NOTES: The insomnia is gone. The bleeding has stopped. For the first time in a month, you wake feeling truly rested. One thing hasn't left: the feeling that you're being watched follows you out of the pods, but it's slightly different; it feels like being watched over, safe. As you go about your routine or try to settle into it for the first time, you may find your thoughts interrupted by gentle impulses and fleeting ideas that are easily ignored, all completely harmless.

Can you hear me?



You wake up in darkness.

There's a breathing tube jammed down your trachea, and you're suspended in a tube of clear blue fluid. Upon registering your level of consciousness, the gravity couch drains the fluid surrounding you and retracts the breathing apparatus; the doors in front of you open, and you're deposited on the floor of a stark, sterile medical bay.

You are not alone.

There are others who have come before you, others who are awakening beside you. Some may be familiar to you, perhaps even friends. Others have much less amiable plans. Some are merely alien and inexplicable, but there are always those who might mean you harm.

After you catch your breath and your vision returns, you notice a number on the inside of your forearm. Maybe it's a familiar number. Maybe it means something. Maybe it's just a number. But the number—completely unique to you—is a tattoo, and it does not come off.

If you enter the room adjacent to the medbay, you will find a small locker with your number on it, surrounded by rows upon rows of identical lockers. Inside, you will find a few of your personal items, a communications device, and a ship's uniform in your exact size. The comms device is fully powered and connects directly to the ship's network; it's your only means of communication beyond physical conversation. Upon turning the device on, a neutral, automated voice will say, "Please take the blue lift to the passenger quarters." Any other attempts at communicating with the rest of the network are met only with static.

This is your welcome party.
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Thranduil | The Hobbit | Open

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He's on the floor gagging for almost half a minute.

Ugh. Jumps are usually bad, but this one is definitely the worst. Elves don't do well with change, and this one is always abrupt and unpleasant even without the hideous nightmare he just had. Those wet screams echo in his mind and his stomach clenches again, a thick strand of fluid trickling from his mouth and mingling with the blue slime on the floor. His sense of equilibrium is shot and his head is pounding. Today sucks.


Once showered and dressed, he spends some time on the benches collecting himself and gathering his wits. The lights are too bright and the sounds are too loud but if he tried walking out now he would just slam into a wall or something, so he'll give it time. Ethuil the deer, now about the size of a large dog, is with him. He grew up with a Thranduil who was lame from being shot in the leg with a hollow-point bullet, so he knows all about keeping his elf steady.


He doesn't want to see anyone and he needs to talk to people. He's grouchy as hell and still thinking about that dream. Maybe Galadriel will know what to do. Of course she'll be infuriatingly lofty and stuffy about it and probably say it all in rhyme, because that's Galadriel. Tyke would smoke a cigarette and refuse to do anything about it because what do you expect of her, with the resources she's been given? Nathan would pretend he's the one who's lived 6500 years. Elrond, Elrond's a pretty good person to talk to.

Except he doesn't want to talk to anyone.

He grabs his comm to contact Elrond. Bluh.

must talk to you and drink much mead

There. Good enough.
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Are you dying?

[ the little glee she had felt when she recognized him—awake!—gives way to worry. arya crouches by him, not touching yet in case she needs to run into medbay and insult mccoy until he sees to thranduil. ]
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Yes. [Never mind that he's not. Arya is irritating and he's feeling the sarcasm right now. He seems to be finished gagging, at least, and is gulping in breaths far too heartily to be dying.]
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If you start choking again, tell me. [ and she'll smack him on the back until he stops. helping~

arya shifts a little closer still without touching him and never once taking her eyes off him. she forgets herself and chews her lower lip.
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[...Okay, squinting at her now. He softens gradually as it becomes apparent something is off.]

What is the matter?

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Pods (before Fili finds his 'gift')

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"There will be many pleased to see you awake.

Though I do not think you would include yourself in those number."

Fili sighed and moved to Thranduil's side, moving to place a hand on his shoulder as he kneeled. The knowledge that Bofur was gone was still fresh in his mind, but this was a more pressing matter.

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Have a confused and annoyed look. Of course he's glad to see Fili's still here, as always, but he just threw up. He can only be so happy right now.

"Say what you mean."
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"I am saying what I mean." Fili frowned, letting go of Thranduil's shoulder, rocking back on his heels, slightly. He understood that the man was cross, so he was attempting to be more cautious now.

"If you like, I can go find Legolas." Perhaps he would rather speak with him.

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summerlord: (you are giving me a headache)

... comm. yes. comm.

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When Elrond notices the message, he simple stares at the device for a good, long moment. This is how Thranduil chooses to come back to the world of the living? He sleeps during a month when Elrond himself has had no rest and the first thing contact he makes is via text.

And asking to drink.

... No, that's reasonable.

He sends a response: Where?
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where else the gardens

[Usually he's better at texting but this is like the worst hangover he's ever had. And he has lived a very long time.]
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Rey has been over this twenty-four times to know the routine. Get up. Puke if needs be. Shower. Dress. She is dressed, though her standard Tranquility jumpsuit has been long since out of commission since it earned its tatters and tears from age and use. Now she's in the comforts of the more "civilized" wears from the Cyllene.

She finishes re-dressing the bandages wrapped around the missing fingers on her right hand when she glances over her shoulder. It's a sound she's not used to hearing around these parts.


It's curious enough that she turns her head and sees the deer first before the man sustaining himself beside it.

Rey just blinks for a moment, as if waiting for her mind to catch up with the fact that there is a deer in the locker area, and that this shouldn't be a surprise to her by now.

"Need help?" Rey can see that the man is already being assisted by his companion. But just in case if one or the other gets tired...

Well, you can never be too sure.
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The Elf mutely shakes his head, bright eyes looking keenly at Rey in something very close to a glare. He's trying not to glare. She's just trying to be helpful. But he is cranky and pretty sure if he opens his mouth he's going to say something cranky.


"Thank you."

Even that sounds kind of pissy, but since it's a thanks, there's only so pissy it can possibly sound.
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Glaring is such a common gesture in Rey's memories that it's almost more a surprise when someone doesn't cast a narrowed glance her way. She is more often than not used to the presence of less congenial company.

Not here, though. No, she had met people who encouraged sociable behavior. So she tries. Most of the time she is just no good at it.

"Is that a yes, or a no?" Rey turns at his response. She is less thrown off by the pissness and more just -- generally confused.

Talking to people can be a harder effort than it needs to be sometimes.

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lockers sup

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Over the big sleep, Zoolander?

[ faith's already chainsmoking through the pack she stashed in her locker, because fuck seriously everything in her life right now. ]

...nice Bambi, by the way.

[ seriously you're the weirdest warrior she's ever met t. ]
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[You are the last person he wanted to see.

Well, no. Not the last. You're just annoying.

That, however, is a reference he catches.]

Bambi? The movie?

[He still hasn't seen a movie, but Wichita told him about it.]
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Yeah, that's what I said. [ nodding at said animal now, because she's determined to act like a teenager around t as often as possible. ] you got a deer.

...what's up with that?

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[ It is probably not socially acceptable to latch onto an elvenking who is leaning slightly on a deer, and Jaye manages not to, holding tight onto Guinevere the mare instead. Still, she's practically vibrating with energy, certainly wanting to go and fuss over Thranduil (and be fussed over in return). ]

Did you get my carvings?
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[In answer, he draws the little wooden disc from where he'd tucked it into his belt and presents it with a soft smile.]

I see you are whole, dear Jaye.
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[ Is it hug time now? Jaye's going to go with yes. ]

I did lots of carving while you were asleep.

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[Thranduil's pod is empty.

It's empty and there's bile and goo spilled out in front and Kili can't breathe for the hope and relief bubbling up in his chest. The crowd is too much for him to see over and far too tall for him to pick out one elf in it all, so he goes with the flow, near vibrating with energy as he washes blue from his hair, dries and dresses quickly, long hair unbraided and spilling down his back.

Still, the empty pod could not have prepared him for the sight of Thranduil sitting at a bench with Ethuil by his side and Kili can't resist the sharp cry that leaves his mouth, slip-sliding across the floor in his haste.]

Thranduil! [Aaaaaand dwarf incoming better brace yourself Mr. Elfdad.]
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[You can't really brace yourself for a dwarf. Not really.

Maybe they're short. But damn do they pack a punch.

Thranduil barely manages to open one arm (the other does brace himself against the bench) before he and Kili collide in a half-controlled embrace. The hug has more control than the grin on the king's face, though, since Kili's enthusiasm is catching. It has been no time at all for Thranduil, but it's nice to feel missed.]

Careful, master Dwarf! Best you not be the next one on his back!
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[Damn straight they do, and Kili came in like a wrecking ball was barely able to keep from toppling them both over. Perhaps running and tackling a weary elf was not one of his best ideas, but he can't regret it.

Thranduil holds one arm out for Kili burrow into him and it works, he wraps his arms tight about Thranduil's waist, cheek mushed against chest for a moment before tipping his head back up to share the grin.]

I shall be more careful, O King, when there has not been a month between one talk and the next! [A quick retort but true. His hold eases, though, and his voice softens.] 'tis good to see you awake.

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[thranduil is already gone when legolas comes out of his pod. it's no reason for him to panic though (although he does harbor the worst-case-scenario thoughts for just a moment), just means he has to be extra prudent in looking for thranduil's wet blond head later.

which he finds at his father's locker after getting dressed himself.

he doesn't say anything. just makes a silent shushing motion when ethuil looks over and throws his arms around him taps thranduil on the shoulder.]
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[Legolas is one of about three people on board who can sneak up on Thranduil, the other two being hobbits. And possibly Galadriel, who has a habit of batmanning around when she's in the mood. So until the tap on his shoulder, he has no idea someone is that close to him.

He jumps and whips around, but knows before he even fully turns who it is. He bites back a snarl about how he hates being tapped on the shoulder and Legolas should know by now to address him and not sneak up on him but arrrrrgh there's this thing where Thranduil was asleep for a month and Legolas was probably worried and really doesn't need anyone snapping at him so he bites back the retort and simply hisses a sigh out through his teeth.]

You seem whole.
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[yes :< he is too worried to bother with not pseudo-batmanning around thranduil.

worry and apology flickers across his brow for a moment, words on the tip of his tongue, but he doesn't say them. (can't, maybe.)]

..And you as well, father. [he smiles instead, and sinks onto the bench next to thranduil, facing the other way, until ethuil's head butts in between them. legolas laughs and for a moment he's quiet, fingers running along the line of the fawn's large ears. when he speaks again after a moment it's soft, calm, but sure.]

Did you dream? [although he knows the answer, perhaps. but he doesn't ask what the dreams are of.]

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