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it don't run in our blood [open]

CHARACTERS: Rey and any empathy-sharing pals.
LOCATION: The Good Ship Tranquility.
WARNINGS: Potentially touchy subjects in regards to death, war, suicide, sexual implications, trauma, and then some.
SUMMARY: Empathy plot with Tank Girl happens now.
NOTES: Jumping on board the bandwagon with the catch-all log for the empathy plot, in which the memory post can be found here.

For those tagging: As a general preference, I do prefer prose over action format. But if you do tag with action then I would like it if you used a different format other than small text, as I have issues with reading it in bulk.


Let me know if you want me to make a thread starter, otherwise feel free to tag in specifying whatever stage we're in (1, 2, or lucky number 3) in the subject line.
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was stage three okay?

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Haymitch doesn't waste a whole lot of time with this- it's horrific and violating and he wants it over with as soon as possible, so when he gets a mix of horrific memories, he zeroes in on a name and goes to track her down. God willing, she's in her room.

She'd have to be deaf not to hear him banging on the door.
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Haymitch plants an unsteady hand against the doorframe. There's a lot of memories swimming about in his head that aren't his, but all those comments about The Salamander are what finally makes him break down and laugh, the sound acerbic and cold. People with monikers like that are apparently the people he can't escape from.

"That what they called you?" He finally says. "The Salamander?" He looks her over, equally sick-looking and reeking of alcohol. "Suits you."
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"I'm always drunk," he corrects. He remains in the doorway, rather than shoving his way in and just stands there. Awkwardly.

If he had the mind to do much introspective pondering, he'd laugh at himself at his collection of young, unconventional women who have a tendency to go up in flames. "They hoped you'd burn. Doesn't look like you did, does it?"

He shifts and then runs his hand through his hair. "What did you see?"
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"They don't need you to look good." A few memories of the Games and you get a good idea that is exactly what the Capitol wants. Pretty boys and girls, running around, ripping each other to pieces, and when it's over, they'll never see the scars.

"And the axe comes back," he finishes. "Won on a technicality." He laughs bitterly and then reaches for her hand. "I knew a girl once they put through hell. Didn't do a number on her like they did you, but if it would have gotten them somewhere, maybe they would have." He huffs. "But we had the Games, not... whatever you have."

Glass house, he thinks. Fitting name- for hers and his both.
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"That's how I see it. Tell that to the Capitol." He sticks his tongue in his cheek. Except she doesn't have to, because now they're dead and he's not. His war's over.

And just beginning over here. The longer they stay here, the more he wonders when the real lines will be drawn. "Katniss," he mutters. "Called her the Mockingjay. I was her mentor."

And he was part of the reason she went through absolute hell- he let them do that to her, because it was Plutarch's schemes that won the war, but he had to be the one to move her.
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You might see them sooner than you think. But he keeps that to himself. Whether or not this is really a Game is a debate he'll be having until the ship implodes, but he has to believe it, just so he can move forward. No one else has to.

"She did more than that. She convinced an entire Capitol to let there to be two winners." He remembers watching her hold out those berries and having to excuse himself to laugh. Katniss had taken a scheme he'd thrown at Seneca Crane in a fit of desperation and ran with it. "Brought two victors home that year."
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Haymitch waves his free hand. "Example," he mutters. And then what happened with Katniss and Peeta was just the icing on the cake. "Year after that, they sent them back into the Games. An entire game just to pit us victors against each other. Started the whole damn war."

He's never been this open, but everyone's in his head. He might as well. And it's just facts, not emotions. He's doing his damnedest to keep his emotions out of any of this.

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"You sound like Plutarch." He rolls his eyes up towards the ceiling. "Had a head full of that shit- philosophy, history, everything. Don't know how Snow never saw him coming. He was too smart for a Gamemaker."

But he made a game all right- he made the biggest one Panem had ever seen. And the Districts were the victors, for once. "But he must have been doing something right." He sniffs. "We won."

Sort of. He's still hollow about that victory.
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Anne's only met her once, but she remembers her name. Rey. It's not an easy name to forget when it belongs to a girl, and with that scarred up face (not that Anne has anything against scars, obviously) and with how bizarre their encounter was. All drugged up, she was sure, despite Rey's assertion of the contrary. And so, when the girl in the memory-- because she's sure that's what it was, even though it isn't her own-- got called Rey, it didn't take long for Anne to play detective in the scenario. Unless she's sorely mistaken, this is the same girl.

Finding people on the Tranquility is easier said than done, and Anne has been skulking around for quite some time at this point, trying to find the girl whose memories are currently burrowing into her skull. It's starting to seem like a fruitless search, and so she can't believe her luck when she gives up and decides to go to work, and catches sight of Rey in one of the corridors on her way to the SEC office.

"Hey," she says, rather more harsh and businesslike than she probably needs to be. "You're Rey, aren't you? I think I've got something of yours."
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It's so relieving to have finally come across the owner of these memories that Anne almost smiles, though her expression remains mostly stern because hey, this is a relative stranger and a colleague, besides. Fluffiness and sunshine does not belong in the SEC department.

"Yeah?" Anne gives her a curious look. She'd heard this sort of thing was two-sided, and she's a little nervous about what Rey got in return. "I have some of your memories, I think. Killing birds, Freyja? Does that sort of thing sound familiar?" Anne's not one to beat around the bush, and if this was Murphy she'd probably be much more tactful about this whole thing. But she's disturbed and unsettled by having someone else's thoughts jumping around in her brain, and she wants it to be over with. Not to mention constantly thinking in gibberish and craving spring rolls, which has been the lesser of the evils but still distracting. "I've been hearing there's something we can do about it."
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"One bird. Sorry." Anne figures that yeah, that doesn't help much, but at least she's not some kind of bird serial killer, and for that she's grateful. It's still a disturbing memory, however, as the surrogate mother of birds herself. Cocking an eyebrow curiously, Anne can't help but wonder, and then can't help but ask. "How many names do you have?" she asks, wondering if more of those memories she's gotten in days passed have been from Rey without her realizing. Some of them she never did figure out.

That's not very comforting, and Anne jerks her head in agitation. "It'll pass? So you're saying there's nothing we can do? We have to just... wait, like it's some kind of disease we've gotta heal from?" helplessness does not bode well for Anne, and the result is an instinctive scowl. "Great. Just great." And it doesn't help that for all she knows, Rey's seen all of those 'sick things' she neglected to ever explain to Murphy. The thought makes the hair on the back of her neck stand up.
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"Jesus." Anne gives her a long, searching look, wondering exactly what the stories behind having all of those different names are. If she's some kind of wanted felon who has to keep changing her name to avoid being caught, or a secret agent with aliases, or any other bizarre sort of situation that wouldn't even surprise her. Because Rey is strange, there's no doubt about that.

"You know what I mean," Anne snaps at that, giving her a look. "Don't patronize me. I don't need that on top of this." And then a sigh, and a shake of her head, and a long look that says quite plainly 'I don't know why I'm losing it like this'. "Sorry," she tells the other woman finally, pressing a cool hand to her forehead. "I don't know what that was. Stress, I guess. But who isn't under a lot of stress with this shit going around?"
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The corner of Anne's mouth twitches upward a little at that. She can't help being amused by that, even with the pounding migraine that's got her distracted and on edge. Anne watches her silent thought for a moment, almost unconsciously rubbing at her temple with one hand as she tries to figure this person in front of her out.

That straight face... that's the hardest part to figure out. Anne likes to think she's good at keeping a straight face but more often than not her emotions are painfully obvious through her expressions. Anne is as transparent as they come.

"Can't say I can imagine getting used to it. Other people's experiences jumbled up in my head, the migraines, all these weird impulses. At least I hope those are coming from all this and not from..." all these food cravings. They've got her nervous. Space pregnancy does not sound like the most thrilling thing in the world. In fact, it's not something she even wants to think about. "... me going crazy or anything."
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Anne watches Rey's hand touch her stomach, and there's the sick feeling like maybe, because of this link, she's picking up on some of the worries she's had lately. Dammit. She'll have to be more careful, if there is indeed a way to be careful in this situation. It's with an uneasiness however that she realizes there probably isn't any way.

Watching as Rey's mind obviously starts to wander, Anne shifts her weight slightly and then smiles just slightly at the suggestion, nodding and walking alongside the other woman. Somehow now, this mess doesn't seem as daunting. Her headache is starting to subside. "Sounds perfect right now," she admits.