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CHARACTERS: Commander Shepard & OTHERS
LOCATION: E'erywhere
WARNINGS: Will update as necessary
SUMMARY: For empathy links throughout October/early November (if you want to plan something, plotting post is up HERE). If we planned something, just post under the right header and I'll get us rolling.
NOTES: If we don't have something planned, I'll wing it. If you want to plan something specific and we don't have the details hammered out yet, shoot me a pm!

[individual starters below]

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Stage 3 Day 1

[personal profile] adamantcommand 2013-10-22 01:06 am (UTC)(link)
By now the experience of traveling the stars is not new or troubling. Still, Lord Asriel has never touched the black void outside the Tranquility’s hull himself, and until this morning, he was sure of that fact. But now there are memories of cold, of isolation, of suffocating against a dark matte punctured by a thousand pinholes of light without his dæmon beside him. Familiar voices calling his name...but also not his name.

The memory sharing has gone on for weeks now, so the dissonance isn’t jarring as it should have been. At first, he assumes he has established a duplicate link with a colleague of Shepard’s, called Garrus. There are similar landmarks: faces, locations. But this is different. The eyes he’s looking through are human, and working through particular details of the memory, past the instinctive terror that accompanies it, learning precisely whose name is being shouted at him isn’t difficult.

If it were just a memory, he wouldn’t bother to seek Shepard out. If he has hers then she has his; it is all the information he wants. Bits and pieces of sounds, images, and feelings keep finding him throughout the day, accompanied by increasingly severe headaches that seem to recede and then echo back over and over until the pain is so crippling he can scarcely open his eyes without the light aggravating it. Only then does he leave his room, Stelmaria dragging herself along at his heels.
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Relief washes over him at the sound of Shepard's voice--not relief from the pain, but from the prospect of having to move another step down the corridor to find her.

"It hasn't happened before," Stelmaria confirms. "Not like this."

Asriel digs a thumb into his own temple and rubs, squinting at Shepard.

"I suppose it was overly optimistic to think you might know what's happening."
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"Let's not stand at all, please." Asriel tips his head, jerks his chin over his shoulder at the still-open door behind him. "Come inside. No lights, we'll have a drink." If this link is consistent with the others, she is correct: they should be free of it soon. In the meantime, it can't hurt to keep the woman nearby, in the interest of fully monitoring the situation.
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Struggling all the while to keep his dignity about him even in the face of pain rivaling the cracked skull he'd received in his battle with Metatron, Asriel follows his guest back inside and quickly shuts the door behind him.

He does put the lights on their dimmest setting while their eyes adjust from the harsh anbaric lighting in the hallway. A naptha lamp would have been more pleasant, but they'll make do.

"Six, including this one." Asriel crosses the room to retrieve the as of yet untried jug of homemade wine from the bedside table, along with two glasses pilfered from the kitchen. He hands one to Shepard. "And you?"
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Lord Asriel is a practical man, but he was also raised an aristocrat with discerning tastes. Where there are the remotest means of luxury, he will find them.

He snorts softly, but the puff of air puts enough pressure on his tortured sinuses that he immediately regrets the impulse and takes the other chair before attempting anything so delicate as to pour the wine.

"I know how to be comfortable." Asriel uncorks the bottle, and then the drink makes it into both glasses--first hers, then his--without incident.
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He anticipated the wine being almost unpalatable before setting out on the project, fortunately, but that doesn't keep the scowl off his face when he brings it under his nose. Better to drink it quickly, and he does, emptying the glass's contents by half on the first gulp.

"Disgusting. But it will do." The taste is a sickly sweet, overridden by the strong spirits. He has no doubt whatsoever it will do its job.

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[He was beginning to think he had skipped the later stages of this malady; the flashes of memory no longer occurred, even though the network had made great pains of stressing the seriousness of the issue. He had followed it closely. Nominally the network was one of the few current sources of information aboard this vessel that was with any luck not tampered with. People dropped hints, here and there, in their inane posts. And that was a good enough excuse for Javik to have spent too much- most- of his time there. Where he could use voice or text and his face would remain unseen and his statements of self were met without question or doubt. He had not completely embraced the technology, but he used it far more than he had ever used that which was aboard the Normandy.

But the headaches returned. And the memories. Some were familiar, flashes he had felt before, residue left behind, things he had absorbed when they first met. And some were strange. They weren't- right. Their edges had the wrong shape, they did not fit. They scarred the portrait he knew. It was enough that he did not bother any argument when the Commander messaged him- made his way to the gardens using the map that the other passengers had made. Rolled the memories around in his mind more than he had with any others. Ill-advised, his distraction nearly left him falling on his ass when he rounded the corner to the gardens. Unprepared for the thick, heady smell of growth and decay, the wetness of the air, the physical pressure of it. It was-curiously untouched. There was no smell of char on the air, no stench of fuel.

This wasn't the time though, he tried to shut down his overwhelmed senses as well as he could. He had a mission to complete, however unusual it may be.]
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[Shepard surprises him, not hard to do in this body with it's dull senses and narrow field of view, the pressure is unexpected and the hand that grabs his own is warm and it is slightly damp and that is revolting. Touch, that had never been taboo. A natural and easy part of himself, but this body is strange and the touch is empty and it feels very dirty.

He manages not to pull away, but it's a near thing. When he wrestles the feeling down to an acceptable background level he just feels differently uncomfortable. As much as he trusts the Commander, as often as he has placed his life in her hands, at this moment she feels like a stranger. Unsafe. Uncertain.]

Hardly. This situation grows more unbearable with every new day.

[Now at least the nausea and headaches have abated. It would almost be peaceful- and there is a faint background feeling of rightness- if it were not the exact opposite. Standing in the open, a strange place, an untrustworthy body. An untrustworthy leader.]
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[He looks down at the linked hands, but the image is strange. The hand is not his, the unmistakable feeling more like a phantom limb than anything else.]

It would not be wise. The contact would be less stable.

[He tightens the pressure minutely. If their arms slipped they would have to start over again. He does not want that.]

Commander- [And while he's ready to ask about the things he's seen, the wrongness, he realizes this isn't really the right place- standing at the entrance where anyone could walk by. Even if no one else arrived it seems likely they would grow tired after awhile. Finding some place else seemed like a better course of action.] We should move.
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[It's a good thing Shepard tightens her grip, otherwise Javik would have let go. The change in direction doesn't go terribly well, and the impression it gives if of her dragging him to the lift more than two adults willingly going together. It's just not an easy maneuver for him. Still, he regains his balance and manages to make it back with her, only slightly more frustrated than before.

He has never been to Shepard's quarters before, not here, not on the Normandy. It had never seemed pertinent. He did not require his spirits raised as many of the other crew members did. He did not have any pleasant, old memories to share with her. None that she would likely appreciate.]

I do not believe he would. The turian is foolish at times, but not suicidal.

[Even if she had left it in some state of disrepair, it seemed likely to him the Turian would view it as some higher form of weapons care. His faith in Shepard would be regrettable were it not so well-placed. In his time it had been more than unshakable, the strongest bond of any aboard the ship, the sort of connection that was hard to miss. He had assume it was the same here, but these memories said otherwise. He wondered if Garrus knew them as well.]
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[He is not happy to be back in the lift again, they were shaping up to be the least favorite part of this ship. Which was saying something, all things considered. Still, he doesn't take the handhold, bends his knees slightly and just focuses on his balance.]

I am fine. I do not wish to settle in more than I have to.

[There might be a hint of admonishment in that. This place was not anywhere he planned on staying for any extended period of time. He had not made his room on the Normandy very comfortable, he certainly wasn't planning on expending more energy here. There were better things to do with his time.]

This body still poses difficulties. I do not believe I will be back to my previous strength for quite some time.

[Some time. Like ever. He doesn't say it though, merely reassess his stance against the sway of the lift.]

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