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who are you? [open]

CHARACTERS: Rey, Ariadne, Jack Noir.
LOCATION: Oxygen Garden.
WARNINGS: Potential violent flashbacks?
SUMMARY: Some silly amnesiac takes a gander at the gardens. Insert prose here.

It starts with nothing more than a mere feeling.

Vague and incomprehensible, it whirls in a cold stasis of decay. The red vision. The fluid shapes. The silhouettes ghosting behind the frozen glass. Hands pressing up against the egg-shaped prison. Pipes shoved down her throat. A name comes to mind.

He whispers devotion of a solid dream in her ear as she sleeps. Where a future looks so bleak, he blindly fumbles towards an ideal that is beyond anyone's comprehension. He is a fool.

Every vision is the same.

But this time, a toe tag:


And then she woke up.

She'd been having dreams again. Many of them, in fact. None had been useful up until now, since waking from that night with a pain in her chest and a lingering feeling of tiny little legs crawling all over her.

It was disgusting.

But it passed.

With that, she decided to go for a walk in the gardens to help clear her mind, process what she had learned. As far as comfort went, the garden ambiance didn't provide much, but there was always something about the flies buzzing there that struck a cord of quaint familiarity.
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Jack wasn't really a nature kind of guy.

Scratch that-- Jack hated it. There were no trees along the streets of Derse. No flowers, no grass, no plants, just endless the paved roads of dark purple, winding and twisting into themselves like an Escher painting. It's not like anything could grow there anyway. The blackness of the Ring offered no warmth, and Skaia was barely a speck in the distance. The people of Derse had little use for sure frivolous things anyway.

But that wasn't really why Jack hated plants. It was more to do with that time one tried to eat him. Twice. He swore it was the same fucking plant.

That was probably why he decided to start hacking away at some of the stupid-dumb plant life. It was cathartic and distracting and that was good enough for him. He definitely needed something to take his mind off his other worries. It was overgrown anyway. Fuckers in charge should've be paying him for this, he was trimming the fuck out of this mess.

He didn't see her enter, but he could faintly smell her, even if it was unfamiliar, and he could hear the quiet sound of her footsteps. Jack stopped, his sword still gripped tightly in his hand. He turned his gaze toward the path he instinctively knew she'd enter from.
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Jack stared back at her for a moment, white eyes narrowed. She was completely, utterly unfamiliar. That annoyed him more than he'd admit. Another person on this stupid fucking spaceship with no fucking collar. Maybe he was the only one here, and he sure as fuck didn't like that idea. There had to be at least one person he could look out for that didn't already hate his guts, anyone-- he just needed a reason to keep going.

He hacked off another long vine beside him, scowling. "It was overgrown to shit. What, do you have a problem with that?" Probably. I mean, he was kind of being an ass about it. Leaving all these dead plants lying around. Too bad Jack didn't actually care about common courtesy.

"Why don't you mind your own business, kid? I'll blow off steam however the fuck I want!"
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He snorted, stabbing some more random plants between words. He clearly cared more about making an ass of himself than actually accomplishing anything here. "Well maybe you shouldn't go around walking into people's weapons, stupid! I'm not even aiming at you!"

There was a bright green flash, and suddenly he was on the other, un-stabbed side of the room. Had to keep his work somewhat even, after all. Travelling ridiculously short distances was the best damn use of omnipotence he could think of. Also, there was a particularly offensive yellow flower blooming on this end, so he had to slice it up into tiny pieces as quickly as possible.

"If you don't wanna get hurt, then stay out of my-- way." Stomping all over that fucking flower. Ugh.
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Ariadne hadn't planned on making a trek to the garden. But when she spotted it on the map, she knew, she should at least check it out. It could possibly offer some change in scenery after all. Other then the cold metal she was surrounded by now - it would be a nice change.

Sketchbook in hand, her eyes scanning over everything with an appreciative smile as she entered the space. It was a thing of beauty to her, all the lushness and tranquility it seemed to posses.

Her eyes stopping though on a woman, the one from her post to the community - the one with the lack of memories. "Hey." She called out hesitantly towards her as she slowly started to close the space between them.

"Small world huh?" She said then, letting a hint of amusement come out at her words. Just trying to make the small talk needed to put the other woman (whose name she had yet to know) at ease.
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Her weight shifting ever so much from one leg to the other, as a slightly awkward silence fell between the two - not out of rudeness of course, but out of uncertainty more or less. As even Ariadne, who wanted to think, she usually could find the right words for most occasions. Found that in all honesty, even she didn’t know what to say for a moment. As it was obvious to Ariadne, she possibly was interrupting something.

"Don't think I caught you're name last time we talked." She calmly pointed out, flashing a slightly brighter smile. All in hopes of gaining the woman’s trust, as she honestly just wanted to make some headway with the woman.

"And you're right, not that many of us here." She admitted then, shrugging a shoulder slightly as she did. "But I guess that is okay." As the idea of there being thousands - as to which it seemed this ship appeared to be able to carry - slightly worried her.
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A name! That is a step in the right directions, and only causes her to smile a bit wider nodding in acknowledgement at it. "It's nice to meet you, Rey" She admits letting her attention drift all around them again, obviously making mental notes of all of what she was seeing.

"I've noticed that as well." She said then as her attention settled back onto Rey. "Why I came down here." Her head motioning down towards the sketchpad she carried under her arm then, letting a sheepish smile cross her face as she did. "I wanted to get a few sketches of this place - at least start to get an idea of what is in this place."

Her brow went up then, as she looked at her curiously, asking: "Am I interrupting anything?"