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Death of the Endless ([personal profile] acapriciousthing) wrote in [community profile] ataraxionlogs2013-11-18 11:40 pm
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It's not stress baking what are you talking about

LOCATION: Kitchens
WARNINGS: Unlikely
SUMMARY: Death is passing her time by baking. At all hours. You can assume she made people aware of the availability of assorted baked goods.

The problem with not needing to sleep is that you get restless when your usual late night companion isn't available for cards and stories. So Death has wandered down to the kitchen. And started baking.

Anyone else who doesn't sleep might come across her there. For those or a more... mortal pursuasion, they'll find assorted cookies and brownies already finished and ready to eat. She can hardly eat all these herself, after all.

She's fine. Definitely fine.

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