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LOCATION: Gardens -- Level Two
WARNINGS: Werewolf Logic
SUMMARY: Tom decides to change in the gardens. What could go wrong?

It's a familiar pain. Bones break and his skin stretches and pulls until it feels as though it will tear away. His heart stops as his organs reshape themselves to support this familiar form. It's a pain that has been with Tom for as long as he can remember.

He knows the "rules." Stay isolated, drag something enticing around, keep your clothes out of the reach of curious claws. There's little screaming on Tom's part as he starts the change. He doesn't cling to his humanity or fear what he'll become, and so it flows over him, rippling from head to toe. It isn't until the man that was Tom is gone that any loud noise is heard; a chilling howl echoes through the gardens.

A flex of his form and then the wolf is catching the scent of something putrid. The ship provided them something meat-like, and Tom had set a bit aside, letting it rot enough that the wolf would want to follow the scent. It was dangerous, stupid even, for him to let the wolf roam so freely, but it had been so long since the wolf had this freedom. Derek didn't have to know, not that Tom cared.

Except maybe he cared a little, but he wanted to show George and Mitchell that he wasn't some blind follower of the other man. He wanted to prove that he could be a friend because that small group was all he had from home and he so desperately wanted them to accept him. So, here the wolf ran, nearly free, chasing the scent of something that must be delicious, unaware that anyone could stumble upon its location.
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Pepper's been spending a lot of time in the gardens. The temperature is constant and relatively comfortable if you've lived a good part of your life in one of the warmer climate regions of the world, and it's generally quiet. It's been a good place to forget the fact that you're stranded on a giant spaceship that may or may not be trying to kill you. Oh, and did she mention the potential of blowing up the whole place at any moment? Yeah, there's that too.

At the moment she's looking through the data that has been collected on the temperature fluctuations. There's nothing she can do about it, but she's still been trying. Spending most of the month going over the facts and figures she's been organizing. At the sounds coming from deeper in the gardens she can't help but be curious. She pockets her device and moves toward the sounds. When the howl resonates she's so close that it feels like it's right next to her and it shakes through her to her core. The gardens were supposed to be particularly safe. No one told her there were wolves in here.

She presses her lips together and reminds herself that several people here have wolves as pets, maybe it's one of them. Instead of turning back however, she presses on.

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The growl causes Pepper to step back, then the wolf on tow legs and she's backing up. Pepper tries to keep her calm, not to run; running will only make the ... the wolf(?) chase her. She does her best not to look away as she backs up, to keep her eyes lowered.

"It's, it's alright. N-nobody's going to get hurt ..." Her voice is shaking as she's talking. She's pretty sure she probably won't make it out of here alive.