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Death of the Endless ([personal profile] acapriciousthing) wrote in [community profile] ataraxionlogs2014-02-16 12:03 am

Love is Weird

CHARACTERS: Death and Death
LOCATION: A kitchen
WARNINGS: Highly unlikely to apply
SUMMARY: They've been together for been two years. They're as surprised as anyone.

There was no calendar on the ship, of course. No way of knowing what the date actually is. From what Jaye said, the jump period could be a year.

But they could count days. And when you were an anthropomorphic personification, you had the sort of memory where you couldn't lose track, even when you wanted to. So she knew it had been two years since that fateful Valentine's Day. Two years since they put words to those feelings, even if those words were mostly "confusion". Not quite two years since they realized they meant it, but two years.

It was the sort of thing you made time to celebrate. She wasn't so clueless about relationships as all of that. Even though neither of them actually needs to eat, she's taken over one of the kitchens so she can prepare a nice dinner.

There are customs, after all.

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