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The Kitchen is a Happening Place at 2 AM

LOCATION: A kitchen
WARNINGS: Fairly unlikely
SUMMARY: Baking in the wee hours. And offering to make breakfast in the morning.

The hardest part of Death's husband being in a coma is the nights. She's so used to talking to him when most people are sleeping. So she has to find other things to do.

Which is why she takes to the kitchen in the middle of the night. She didn't used to bake, when she was always working. But she finds it soothing. And she never has trouble finding people who will want to eat sweets in the morning.

On occasion, she is still there when people who sleep start waking up. They get greeted with a smile (and perhaps a bit too much wakefulness for people who haven't had their coffee yet). "I can make something with actual nutritional value if you want breakfast."
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Lalala since he's out of commission for December... hi.

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The security shifts tend to end up late at night, at least the ones Rich takes, after the last couple of months. That's okay, and, now, he has somebody to get back to his room to.

But he occasionally takes a detour by the kitchen. Not because he's hungry, per se (that one's still a problem) but because Peter won't be happy if he hasn't had any food. So here he is, wandering in for a quick snack before crashing. Then he pauses.

"... hi. I can find another kitchen if you want this one."
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Rich hesitates, then nods, taking the invitation for what it is. He's pretty sure that if a Death wants him gone, she or he will tell him pretty clearly.

He takes a seat, frowning a little. "Which, I guess, is more of a problem when you're stuck here than when you can get around to places where it's not night, back home?"
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He blinks, and lowers his eyes to reach for a cookie. "Thanks."

After a thoughtful bite - he always eats slowly, these days, there's only so much he can take of all that he ever tastes - and without looking back up at her, he asks, carefully, "back home... do you only work on Earth? Or do you attend to other planets, as well?"

And the real question is, what happens when you need to reap entire planets, but he's not there, yet. Besides, she might really only deal with Earth, after all.
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Of all things, Rich relaxes a little at her answer, even though his eyes stay down, on the remainder of the cookie that he's more crumbling than holding.

"Yeah, it's kind of like that in my universe, too. One Death." He lets out a breath, and asks quietly, almost softly, "have you ever had to ... end an entire planet?"
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"Yeah, I guess. I mean, sometimes it feels like. There's so much life in the universe that it's kind of - too much. All the time, everywhere. For such a small planet as Earth to merit attention, the same as everyone."

Blue blazes, Rider, you're morbid tonight. Rich shakes his head, for a moment, then bites again into the cookie.

"Sorry, I. Once survived that. Everybody else on the planet died, and I barely survived. A part of me always wonders if it's just. The same as anything, or if it makes a difference, when a whole... everyone dies. But I guess in that time scale, it'd be just - in the course of things. Sorry, I'm usually less like this."

A moment, and he even manages to smile at her. It doesn't quite reach his eyes, too much of the memory has swum up in his mind, but he tries, anyway.
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Rich... gives her a small smile, but his eyes are still downcast. And he shakes his head.

"It's not that. I survived. The whole planet died around me, and I... lived."

He's not going to say it's better or worse, to die or to live. But It is different.

Though, even while he clarifies, his voice relaxes, a little. Because they all matter to me. It's a simple sentence, and, heck, it might not even be true in his universe, but it matters. It's not a small thing, either, not to somebody who's witnessed, one way or another, so much death. Who's tried to prevent so much death. The knowledge that the lives that matter so much, the people who matter so much, still may matter after they pass?

It's soothing, beyond words that Rich can formulate or speak.

He takes a deep breath, shaky on the intake, and steadier on its way out.

After a moment, he runs a hand back through his hair, and manages to look up at her again, a quirk of his mouth much closer to an actual smile. "You know. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that you're not as busy, here, but - I think I'm glad that you've found somebody who cares for you. For the right reasons."

It's not that creatures this old can't be stupid, especially when it comes to love.

But he doesn't think that's the case. Not right now, when they're talking face to face.
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Hi, I'm super late~

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Leia has been having trouble sleeping, which isn't much of a surprise. She's had issues sleeping at night for the last few years. Nightmares and strategy meetings and hiding make horrid partners for a good night's sleep. Coming to the Tranquility has hardly altered that.

No, but staying in her room is uncomfortable and her father kicked her out of Comms a few hours ago since she'd been going on thirty-six hours straight with nothing but coffee and a sandwich for nourishment. So, no, walking around it is.

And then she remembers the conversation she'd had with Didi at Space Christmas. Death bakes. Who knew? So, Leia heads to the kitchens, blaster on her gun belt and eager to talk to someone other than her family for a change.

"I suppose any sort of food would probably be welcome right now. I find that I'm actually hungry after all the walking I had to do to find you tonight."
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"I couldn't sleep, and I remember you said that you didn't sleep. And that you baked instead. So, I've been looking in the kitchens to keep you company."

Considering how much weight Leia has covertly lost, admitting that she's hungry is a huge step forward. "Can you make muffins? I think someone made them for Comms once. They smelled rather good."
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"I had sisters growing up. And all the boys I knew were well behaved around me for the most part." Until she was old enough to sneak off to meet a certain one to kiss in hidden spots.

"Both sound like fine choices." Leia laughs at her uncharacteristic indecisiveness. "I don't think I've had either and I like trying new foods. So, it's not too much trouble, I can help you make both."
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"Well, that's comforting. I didn't want to make extra work for you if I could help it." She watches as Death moves so easily with the ingredients, wondering if she'll ever feel that confident in doing anything but making simple things, despite the lessons she's taken a few times from Bail. With the workload in Comms, they'd been suspended until things cleared up.

"I remember the kitchen staff complaining about some of the guards being like that as a teenager. I suppose some never grown out of that habit?"
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"And I've been told that I work too much. I suppose the next time someone says that, I will just point them in your direction." Her voice is light and breezy, though just tired enough to show that she has been working too much lately.

"I didn't really pay attention to that much back home. Meals were...whenever we had time to eat, basically." Before she got here, she can't really remember the last time she sat down to a full, even semi-formal meal. "But, I suppose anything can be broken down into being a state of mind, yes?"
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"Suddenly, the fact that I am the child of politicians doesn't seem quite so impressive." Because, what kind of family could Death herself come from? It would be....a little scary.

"Yes, working too much does make it impossible to really engage with others. I...was better at balancing that out back home." When her life wasn't so filled with overwhelming bullshit.

"Some of them never grow out of it."

She is totally not referring to anyone.
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"Ten...billion?" And that was her little brother. She doesn't miss the fondness, but the sheer shock of that number is astounding.

"Conspiring sounds like the perfect word for this place. It certainly feels like the ship is plotting against us at every turn."
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"I...would imagine so. Recorded history in my galaxy only goes back a few ten thousand years. Billions of years is just a bit of a stretch for me to imagine." But, then, personification of Death...

"Maybe this mysterious Smiley I've heard about is part of the ship. At this point, it would take a bit to surprise me." She's seen some pretty astounding things done with the Force back home, after all.