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LOCATION: Level 2 of the Oxygen gardens
WARNINGS: Characters might get railroaded into playing some dumb game with her.
SUMMARY: Nowi is playing around in dragon form in the oxygen gardens. She was bored. If it helps, she's not a terribly large dragon.
NOTES: None really

[There is a dragon in the gardens. A green scaly beast rampaging around and...

No, wait. It's just chasing butterflies. And laughing. Nowi hasn't had a chance to really stretch her wings since she got here and the garden seems like the perfect place to do it. Don't worry, she won't hurt the butterflies. It's just fun to chase them around. But anyone who gets close is in severe danger of... being asked if they want to play.

Or perhaps you come upon her after playtime, when she's curled up in a patch of grass having a lovely nap. There's probably some apt advice about waking sleeping dragons. Although in this case, given that every time she snores a tiny bit of flame comes from her mouth, maaaybe waking her up before she sets fire to anything would help.]
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[Coming from a world that's completely normal (aside from demons and immortals), Firo doesn't expect to see a dragon in the gardens.

His first thought is that it has to be something like one of the manticores out in the hallways and he's immediately on guard. Though it looks almost laughably small in front of the dragon, Firo pulls out his knife.

The hell are you?!
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[He didn't actually expect the thing to answer, and especially not in a voice that sounds like a kid's.]

...Uh, hang on.

[Well, she certainly seems very nice. And though it was a long time ago, that other dragon in the hallways turned out to be all right too. He lowers his weapon.]

You're not like those things in the hallways, are you?
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[He shrugs.]

Not as far as I know, but it's probably the monsters or whatever other screwed up things are out there.

[Wait, is a dragon technically a monster?]

No offense.
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...Never mind.

[He's realized by now she's probably got nothing to do with those things in the hallways. It almost makes him feel bad for threatening her right off the bat.]

Yeah, they're all over the hallways. Once you go deep enough in the ship you've gotta watch out for 'em. These freaky dog things, giant rats...

[He holds his arms about as far apart as he can to show just how freaking big those awful things were.]
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[He smiles, but there isn't any joy in it.]

Ain't exactly a nice place to explore, so I'd say you should keep it that way.

Yeah. Fought the rats once, the other guys a couple other times.

...It was pretty bad with both of 'em. They're strong and they're pretty damn fast, too.
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[He feels like that's somewhat beneath him, but perhaps he owes her for being so rude at first...]

Um, like what? I don't suppose you mean cards or anything?

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[Death can't help smiling at the sight. That is clearly a happy dragon. A happy dragon who isn't hurting anyone.]

Now there's something that doesn't happen very often here.
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We don't get very many dragons here.

Especially not ones that talk.

[Oh, she's seen plenty. But they aren't something that happens on spaceships a lot.]
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[Death doesn't see a need to dwell on the initial confusion. It's cleared up now.]

That can't speak human language, anyway.

[Everything always finds a way to communicate, after all]

Dragon's one of those basic concepts that seems to crop up over and over again. But it's not always the exact same way.
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It's terrible, isn't it? That that could happen to a living being.

[It's never her place to judge. But at the same time, nothing is stopping her from sympathizing with those dragons' plight.]
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[She smiles brightly]

I'm Death. Some people here like to call me Didi.
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You must have met my husband.

[Unless there is a third Death on board. In which case things are getting seriously out of hand.]

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Coming in late, but I'm so excited to see Nowi here in the game! :D

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It's not always the best idea for Elsa to be in the Oxygen Gardens, although she's relatively confident these days that it'll be OK. If she loses control of her powers, it's not just one area of the ship that would be in trouble, it would be the whole ship. On the other hand, her control is good these days, really only affected when things go sideways, and she remembers that the vegetation in Arendelle had seemed just fine once she lifted the frost from it... lots of crocuses, still in bloom. And walking through the trees is calming, even more than the holodecks can be.

She's still not completely prepared for what she sees when her path takes her out of the trees into a grassy area, where she's far from alone, in a way she wouldn't have expected.

"Oh!" She claps her hand to her mouth in surprise. Is this really what it looks like? It looks like a small dragon. Is that even possible? It's clear that it can breathe fire -- it's breathing fire right now, in its sleep.

She glances around to see if she's alone. What if she wakes up the dragon and then has to defend herself... or everyone else? This could be bad. She might have woken it already.

Her communicator is in her other hand, and she begins to lift it, but she pauses. What can Security do that she can't do better, on her own? Maybe Rey can help, but....

... But what is the dragon really doing aside from minding its own business, happily napping? The area isn't burned. She hasn't heard complaints coming from the garden, and it probably didn't just appear here today.

Maybe it would be better not to leap to conclusions about something she doesn't completely understand.

She begins to feel distinctly sheepish.
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