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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
LOCATION: The bow areas of the ship
WARNINGS: Disturbing imagery, violence, psychological trauma, gore, etc.
SUMMARY: Characters have to fight to find their way back to each other from being increasingly isolated and plagued by their deepest fears and most hopeful dreams.
NOTES: May 27 onwards.

A deep boom reverberates through the ship, disturbing the quiet of late-hour activities: sleep, overtime, the night shift. Distant and deep, the sound rattles down to the bones, brings with it a warning, a slow dread that drips through the lancing pain of headaches, the creeping trickle of another nosebleed.

The pain will only get worse over the coming days. Cut off from friends or loved ones, loneliness grows like a stone in your chest, weighs you down, rooted to the spot as the ship's corridors twist and trap you. The nightmares come soon after, old, dark fears dredged up from the depths of your psyche. You can flee, or stand your ground, but a feeling prickles like a burr under your skin, a distant whisper in your mind: this isn't the fight you should be focussed on.

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Wash OTA

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[Shuttlebay, 27th]

[Wash has been sleeping in the shuttlebay since Zoe vanished. Why would he want to stay in their quarters? Better to stay with the shuttles.

Getting woken by strange noises is all the more reason to be glad he's camping out near the critical equipment. He rises quickly from the mattress to look around the shuttlebay and see what is amiss.]


[The sounds the Reavers are making don't sound entirely human. Then again, the Reavers themselves don't look entirely human.

He has Carolyn's pistol. But that's not going to be near enough for this many. And that's never a good situation to be in.]


[Their bunk on Serenity was the largest available, but it was still pretty cozy. But room enough for them. And the new addition.

He wanders over to what clearly started its life as a cargo container. But Kaylee had gotten creative on their behalf and now it was a cozy little space for a perfect little baby.

He doesn't question why he got here. He just walks over and gathers Emma up in his arms. Why would he want to be anywhere else?]

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[Newt and Jones have fallen asleep in the shuttle bay as well. Newt wrapped around Jones in one of the safer corners. They wake up when the strange noises happen. Newt holding onto Jones and looking around nervously.]
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[It didn't take him long to get a feel for how she moves, he recognizes the sound.]

That wake you up too?
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[She nods, still looking around.]

Are we under attack?
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It sounded like it came from further into the ship.

[He knows better than to lie to Newt though]

It sounded like something's damaged though.
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[She'll get up then, making sure Jones stays with her. She winces slightly as her head still pounds but ignores it.]

Do you think it's something important?
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[Wash places a hand on her shoulder]

If it was a hull breach, there would be a lot of alarms. But it sounded big.
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[She nods. He's taking her seriously and she respects that right back.]

We should find out.
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We should.

[It's a big ship, no sense waiting on Engineering to check it all]

Everything here looks normal, at least.
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[She'll follow him.]

The shuttles are alright?
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I've shown you how to do a quick check on them, right?

[Important skills for kids]
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Let's do that then. We don't want to come back to trouble.
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[She offers a sharp salute.]

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[The pain hadn't been letting up.

It didn't help that as a reclusive being that has an exceedingly difficult time trusting humans, Glacius hadn't actively been pursuing the one source of relief he did know about. Instead of seeking out the people he remotely got along with he had instead attempted to cope with the headaches and bleeding on his own, sequestering himself away so that no one would have a chance to see him weakened and worn down like this.

That all goes out the window when he hears the raucous sounds of the Reavers. Could this be it? Could those monsters he'd heard rumor of have taken this opportunity to slip onto the ship again and wreak havoc while the passengers are sick and pained? As much as Glacius is having difficulty coping with everything that's happening right now, it is not in his nature to leave others in the lurch. Despite everything he's bounding down the halls towards the source of the sound, intending to do what he can to fend these creatures off.

So Wash will see a towering alien that seems to be made of ice burst into the fray, coming to his aid. Glacius stomps the ground with an icy white foot, and a spear of ice erupts from the ground a few feet away to strike the nearest assailant. The Reavers may not look entirely human but they're still made of flesh and bone--easy to pierce with his powers, easy to rend apart when the spear shatters into glimmering fragments of ice.

Of course, that was just one of the damned things. The others howl in rage at the sight of this strange new opponent; the alien stands his ground and casts his head forward to emit a shriek of challenge to them. Back up has arrived, Wash.]
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[Wash isn't sure what exactly he just saw. But given that he's surrounded by Reavers and he's suddenly a lot less surrounded by Reavers, he's not keen to ask too many questions.]

Best plan's to punch a hole and get the hell out of here.

[Did that sound soldiery? He's going for soldiery. Of course, he's not a fighter, here. He just wants to not be surrounded by Reavers anymore]
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I will cover. You lead! [Glacius then turns his attention back to the pack of snarling humanoids bearing down on them. He waves an arm over his head, generating a jagged chunk of ice that launches itself towards his opponents. The hail collides with the face of one of the Reavers, and it gives an agonized howl when the projectile explodes on impact, shredding it from the shoulders up.]
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[Wash shoots dead ahead as he runs]

Hope there's still a door here!

[He's been here too long.]
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[Glacius is dutifully following Wash, though he's lagging behind noticeably. Aside from the fact that he's pausing every so often to launch hails or shatters to keep their rabid pursuers at bay, he's not a particularly agile creature. He can only trust in the human's leadership. How ironic.]

What do you see? [A pause as another jagged chunk of hail strikes a Reaver and an angry, pained cry rings out.] Can we seal off the door--buy ourselves time to lose them?
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[Be a door, be a door, be a door]

Best thing to do against them.

[Merciful Buddha, it's really a door]

Gotta be fast about it.
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You first--I cover! [Not that it's different from how they've been doing things previously, but Glacius doesn't want to waste any time here. Only when he's sure that Wash has ducked through does he move to follow, casting one last hail to discourage their pursuers. Then he's inside and the door has sealed itself shut... though the alien doesn't look too thrilled.] Are you sure that will be enough to hold them?
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[Just keep moving. They don't have a lot of choice]

Nope! But they're on the ship, we can't just fly off.

[That being the ideal plan]