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CHARACTERS: Any and all.
LOCATION: The wreck site and the jungle beyond.
WARNINGS: Will update as needed.
SUMMARY: Characters recover after the crash and begin to establish means of survival in the new environment.
NOTES: Open log for general play for the rest of the month. Prompts are included for inspiration, but do not need to be strictly adhered to!

T H E   J U N G L E
The dense vegetation of the jungle surrounds you in every direction, the green of thousands of trees and plants vibrant and lush under the bright sun. Life buzzes and calls through the branches, leaves stirring in a long, fluid shift as brief cuts of wind flow up over the cliff. Stood alone facing it, it almost seems as though it breathes, one giant force of life looming over you, overwhelming and awesome.

Tangles of trees and roots stand in your way as you venture in, every step needing careful navigation to avoid standing on some strange plant or another. A blade may be necessary to cut a path through the areas where sunlight breaks through the canopy high over your head, allowing thick growth on the soil below; other areas are clear, a natural pathway developed but for low growth and fungi. Either way, it's only a matter of meters before you can't see back which way you came, the jungle setting behind you, covering the signs of your passing as if you'd never been.

Something lets out a cry, high in a tree above you, a warning shriek before it and another tumble and climb through interlocking branches, fleeing your presence. Whether you came out here to hunt, forage or simply explore, proceeding quietly and carefully may offer more success - and some way to mark your path back, least the jungle manage to swallow you whole.

T H E   W R E C K   S I T E
The long tail left in the ship's crash path has destroyed a huge swath of jungle, trees, upturned soil. A ready-made clearing, some shelters already built out of the remains of the fallen trees, the small amount of supplies salvaged from inside the ship, more being worked on. Without the thick canopy of the jungle, the sun beats down relentlessly, shelter and shade the only respite. Dehydration threatens and food is scarce, making work slow but all the more necessary.

You may have remembered enough to know your skills are best used towards the building efforts, or picking through the debris for salvage, or putting together improvized power systems; no matter which, you'd better pace yourself properly to prevent the heat catching up with you.

The hole up on the crest of the crashed ship still yawns open, leading down directly into the medical area you woke up in - the only readily accessible point you can see. Inside, the alarms and looping audio have stopped, leaving the space eerily quiet but for the drip of water and fluid, the creak and groan of strained, damaged metal. You may be here to assist in the medical efforts outside, to find usable equipment or supplies, or maybe you're looking for more personal answers. The elevator shafts the voice recording had previously directed you towards still stand empty, dark tunnels leading deeper into the unknown, evoking some flicker of memory of miles of corridors and rooms. Did you live here before? What happened?

Whether you're here with a purpose or following curiosity, watch your step - bodies still litter the space, half buried under debris or floating in pools of collected rainwater from the storm, likely to cause a smell if left any longer.

The days are long and night, when it comes, falls quickly. The temperature drops, perhaps offering relief from the heat of the day or bringing a new threat of cold. The jungle quiets, then seems to stir to life again, the sounds of insects changing, the cries of any animals falling silent. With the only light offered by the two moons high in the sky and any small generators scattered around the makeshift camp, it may be best to stay close to shelter or find your way up off the ground. The darkness can hide any manner of new threats, and they are not so new and unsure of this terrain as you...
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Wreck Site

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Wash wasn't about to send his daughter into a wreck on her own. That just wouldn't be responsible. It was strange how she only featured in memories on this ship, not the other, but daughter still seemed like the best explanation.

Either way, she should have someone with her in shakey wreck sites. "See anything up there, Newtie?"

That can't be the name they gave her, but it's what he remembers calling her.
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"Not yet dad." Newt pokes her head down stack of lockers she was climbing across. "Have you found anything yet?

She meanwhile was just as sure he was her dad, after all she remembered him acting like a dad on the ship that they'd apparently crashed in. So it made sense, she just had to get the rest of her memories back and then that would prove it. Until then she was glad to have some family with her.
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"Some clothes that I think are actually yours." They certainly fit better than what he was able to find at first, and they look familiar. And there weren't that many children here. There were only so many people that could fit into them.
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"Really?" Newt will look to make sure it's clear and then scamper down the side to examine the clothes better.

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Wash was definitely the kind of dad who knew his kid's clothing sizes. The kind who was always involved in his kid's life. And with a great kid like Newtie, why wouldn't he be?

But of course, the size isn't marked and he doesn't actually remember, so he holds the clothes up to her. "Looks like a pretty good fit."
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Newt will examine them closely before nodding. "I think....I think I remember them. Where did you find them?"
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"This locker over here." The numbers were as hard to make out as on the others, but it seemed like the clothes might have been put there on purpose. "You should take a look and see if you recognize anything."
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"Okay." She'll go and look around the locker. The first thing she pulls out is a weird ...bracelet something. She looks at it closely and pulls it over her wrist. She's not sure what it is, but she remembers having it on the ship.

"There's just this bracelet." She'll walk back to her dad holding up her arm. It is the tracking bracelet that Ripley gave her but she only remembers wearing it on the ship right now.
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Wash takes a look at the thing. "I think you were wearing that when we were building a fort." It doesn't look decorative. It must actually do something, but he's really not sure what.

"Maybe it's supposed to work with the machines on here."
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"Maybe. I wonder what it did." She'll look at the broken mess of stuff around them. "I think I'm going to keep it. ...Even if it doesn't do anything on the new planet."
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"I can probably figure out something we can use it for." He remembers working on shuttles with her and the boy. Gavvers. He's pretty sure the boy isn't his, but he'd taught them both. So he must be pretty handy with machines.
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She's still examining it but she nods. "Okay, but I think...mommy gave it to me, so you can't break it."

Which is a way.
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"Of course. If it's from mommy, it's important." He wishes he could remember Newtie's mother. Who was, presumably, his wife. He presumably loved her. So remembering would be very useful.

There's someone he remembers, but his daughter looks nothing like her. So it could be complicated.
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So very complicated. Newt however nods again, now satisfied that her dad will be careful with it.

"Okay. We should see if there's anything else useful here."
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Wash nods. "We should. I bet if all your things were together, there's probably a locker with things that belong to me too." Now, whether he'd recognize them, that was another question. But he was pretty sure his clothes were memorable.
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"That makes sense." She'll start to look through the nearby lockers.
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Wash also searches through the rubble and lockers. "There are a lot more lockers than there are people at the camp." Hard to really say what that means. Hard to say what anything means when your memories come in fits and spurts.
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"Maybe they all died in the crash." She's poking through a jumpsuit looking for pockets.
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"We didn't see any bodies." Of course, maybe that didn't tell them much. "But we're missing a big piece of the ship, too." He wasn't sure how much, exactly. It wasn't really the top priority.

Another locker. "Hey, I remember this shirt." Much louder than the jumpsuit he'd found.
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She'll stop her search and look over at it.