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[CLOSED] Techspedition #1: I Got My Hard Disk (With All That Hard Disk Trash Inside)

CHARACTERS: "Ryuuzaki", Bail Organa, Darcy Lewis, Rikku, Rey, Firo Prochainezo, Fenris, Tadashi Hamada, Carlisle Longinmouth, "Didi" (Death)
LOCATION: Into an elevator shaft running from Medbay to near the old Comms Hub, and back -- if they're lucky.
WARNINGS: PG-13 at the moment. Danger, potential for temporary gore.
SUMMARY: The first extensive tech salvage expedition into the ship. Slightly backdated to September 3-4.
NOTES: Will get starters up in the next day or so. Information pack is here! Any format is fine. If some characters would like to talk amongst themselves, just make those threads under the main headers.

[Console, "14-zero-zero". Video.]

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