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You Are Not the Father ...oh wait.

CHARACTERS: Newt and Wash
LOCATION: Base camp and the jungle
WARNINGS: Mentions of graphic death, aliens and child death
SUMMARY: Newt and Wash both have their memories back. Some things need to be resolved.
NOTES: backdated to before the jump and basecamp destruction

It starts with nightmares, ones she wakes from, screaming  and with the urge to run and hide. Her dad is always there though and that makes them a little better.

At least it does until she remembers her dad dying. The small monster ripping out of his chest at home. And after that all her memories come back in a mess. He dad, her real dad is dead. Her mom is dead, her brother is dead and she can't stop seeing them die when she closes her eyes. She can't be around people right now, she's scared and sad and ...and he isn't her dad he's going to remember that too and then she'll be alone because Ripley was still gone.

So she slips out of camp at mid morning to find the tree she's located recently. Jones she leaves in camp to sleep and also because he doesn't like heights. Finding the tree, she climbs up it with her doll's head to cry alone. 
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He's been trying to piece the memories together for a while. Trying to figure out why Newtie's nightmares don't line up with what he remembers on the first ship.

And eventually it all comes back. That they're not even from the same place. That his daughter is the baby in the photos. His daughter that he'll never meet. And Newtie is just...

A scared little girl. All alone. So when he notices that she's gone, he has to go looking for her. "Newtie?"
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Wash knows Newt's a climber. She might not be his daughter, but he's still known her long enough to figure that out. So he looks up and eventually spots her in the tree.

"There you are, you had me worried there." She might be used to being alone, but that didn't mean she should. She was just a kid.
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River wasn't his child either, but he remembers having to talk to her like this. Having to coax her out when something he couldn't even define spooked her. "It's okay, sweetie. There's nothing dangerous right here."

He couldn't lie and say there was nothing dangerous at all. Not on this planet. She was a clever kid. She'd call him on it.
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Once she's safely down from the tree, Wash wraps his arms around her. Now's not the moment to tell her he knows he's not actually her father. She needs him right now. "I've got you, okay?"
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"About before Tranquility?" The things she'd been having nightmares about. The things he doesn't know for himself.

That meant she knew. But he still wasn't letting go. She still needed someone.
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"That must have been scary." Newt's way too young to have had to go through that.

Not him. He knew that already. Not for long, but he knew it. "But you're safe right now, okay? I'm still gonna be here."
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"I know." He'll never actually get to have someone call him that. Not unless time gets really strange anyway, and he doesn't want Emma here. "But that doesn't mean I don't care about you or want to keep you safe."

Even before all this, she had mattered a lot.
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"Even then." He sounds so sure of that. "Family's not just blood. That's what I've been remembering. The ship I was on, the whole crew was like a family." That's how he knew Emma would be okay, no matter what.

"So if you need a dad, or an uncle, or just some family there's not really a word for, you've still got me."
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It doesn't take these strange new abilities to realize there were a lot of complicated feelings right now.

"If that's what you want." He hadn't wanted to muscle in on her real father's territority if that wasn't what she wanted. "I liked being your dad when we couldn't remember."

He would have really liked this whole dad thing. That got more obvious all the time.
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"Way I see it, if you're gonna keep having nightmares, it sounds like you really need a dad." And right now, he was probably the best option. It wasn't like it was out of his way to worry about her.

"Just because bad things happened to you doesn't mean you're bad luck. Just means you've had some." And hadn't they all, really? Or they wouldn't be here.
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"I'm not going to promise to not disappear. You're smart enough to know we don't control when the ship does that." Because otherwise a lot of people would have stayed to take care of the people they loved.

He might not be able to tell where the fear was coming from through the weird ship thing. But where else would it be? "What I am going to promise is that as long as we're both here, I'm going to take care of you. For as long as I possibly can. Because I love you."