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It would help to not suddenly die here

CHARACTERS: Death and Brigid Tenenbaum
LOCATION: Medical shelter
WARNINGS: Medical talk of heart conditions
SUMMARY: Death has remembered what she is. And what her previous bodies were like.

It had taken a while for all the memories to really come back, even after she realized she was Death. Which wasn't all that surprising. Now she knew that she was dealing with over ten billion years worth in more than one place. It was a lot to remember.

But then she remembers the mortal days. She's had a vulnerable, mortal body before. And every single time, it ended the same way. It had to, then. But hopefully the rules were different now. Or she was going to run into trouble awfully fast.

"Dr. Tenenbaum?" She's seeing her in a professional capacity, it's right to be professional. "I have a... medical concern to discuss."
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She remembers speaking to the women. It had been a strange sort of conversation even without the memory gaps. Now she wasn't technically a medical doctor, but there were few enough of them on this planet that a scientist might step in. And she wanted to help.

"Of course."
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She raises an eyebrow because what?

"What are you that you are requiring another body?"
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"You are the idea of death. I was not aware that death needed such a thing, it seems to happen a great deal without you."

She should know, she'd certainly seen enough of it.
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It's confusing but then again everything is. She makes a mental note of it and moves onto the actual reason for this conversation.

"And you are having medical troubles with it?"
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Just going to keep holding on to the sane part of this conversation.

"A heart defect. Was this always what was ...wrong with you...your 'other' bodies? Or was it different things every time?"
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"But you have not died after a day here. That is good."

As...weird as this is, she's still taking it seriously.

"Have you experienced any symptoms? Shortness of breath, passing out..."