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a good time is all we're after;

CHARACTERS: [livejournal.com profile] anomalyse + [livejournal.com profile] unparental + EVERYONE EVER, ALL OF YOU.

LOCATION: One of the big common rooms near all the dorms + a smaller room for movies nearby. Or kitchen runs if people want to thread them BASICALLY WHEREVER YOU TAKE IT.

WARNINGS: Partying. Probably language. If anybody ends up getting their freak on (or gets triggery, it happens) let me know and I'll update the warnings accordingly.

SUMMARY: Jenna wanted to throw a party. Connor wanted a movie night.


As always, it's harder to organize a party than it is to just attend one. But between Connor and the rest of help Jenna roped in they've made a decent enough go of it; sure, it's not going to end up on space TMZ as the best decorated party of the year, but there's food (and more importantly, alcohol) and next door, Connor has movies waiting to go.

The throwing open of their doors is going to have to be metaphorical, but it's party time nonetheless.

( ooc | i'll throw up a main comment for the movie room and the ~party~ room, but feel free to start your own thread below them or in them, whatever. it's open and i have officially disabled notifs so you won't even make my inbox weep. )
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Rey was still making efforts at learning certain social graces, but she had to learn somehow, and that was through experience. Parties weren't her thing? She wouldn't know unless if she tried it. Alcohol? Same thing. Though she noticed that it didn't matter what kind of food she ate or drink she had, it all seemed bitter to her and she didn't know why.

She didn't eat or drink much since she got here.

Rather than wandering around like an awkward doofus, she found a place to sit quietly, alone, a "tasteless" drink in hand that she took periodic swallows in hopes that maybe, just maybe it might have flavor. It didn't change much.

But hey, at least she was here, mingling among her fellow captives. If you could call sitting by her lonesome and just... watching everyone to be "mingling". No one was perfect, right?