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CHARACTERS: Stowaways, door-finders, & misc.
LOCATION: The Tranquility, the shuttle, & Tansei Station.
WARNINGS: TBA, if any arise.
SUMMARY: Mini-event!

This is the mini-event log! Feel free to add miscellaneous threads if the threads provided don't cover what you're character is getting up to. Either prose or actiontags are welcome!
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[Someone's foot is in his face. The cargo hold of the shuttle is cramped, but he is not happy about this. Being this close together means that he can easily get to whoever is bugging him and claw the hell out of them. Don't think he won't do it, either.

For now he just grumbles and hisses quietly. It's dark, so he can't see, and it's hard to make out any kind of individual scent here either.]

This is uncomfortable.

[Instead of asking people to move like might be expected, he instead tries to shrink away and make himself smaller.]


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[ That hiss gets his attention as he pulls his foot back. ]

Well, maybe you shouldn't sit so cramped up and close to me, dude!

[ America replies, as he curls up a little more to get out of Asato's personal space. Then, he blinks a few times. America thinks for a moment, then speaks in a hushed tone. ]

---Asato? You're in here too?


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[ Sherlock sits against whatever cramped space is made available by the cargo hold. He wasn't the least bit surprised that people would bother to sneak in as well. John's gun that is firmly tucked in a make-shift holster attached to the uniform is further noticeable as he tucks his knees under his chin to give everyone more space. ]

It's not good form that the lot of you have managed to sneak on board.

[ Eyerolls, voice however shows hints of excitement. ]

I do figure this little adventure has the promise of being dangerous.

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How did Rarity get into this mess again? Sure, it would have been much easier to just beg and plead and grovel with the people in charge of things to bring her back a sewing machine and some fabric. But a) she would not stoop to that level if she could help it, and b) considering the atrocious outfits on board, they probably knew absolutely nothing about fashion and would get all the wrong things! This would not do. So it was that Rarity snuck aboard like a petty criminal... but it was for a just cause.

She just wasn't expecting to have so much company.

"Watch your elbows," she hissed (hoping her limited knowledge of human anatomy was correct). "You're messing up my mane!" Without the proper equipment or magic, styling it took forever.
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[Sneak sneak sneak. Asato just wants to grab a few trinkets--functionality isn't as important as looks are to him. He wants the stuff that looks fancy, shiny, even magical. He keeps his presence dimmed as he walks around, trying to avoid being caught, and trying even harder to stay calm in such a huge crowd. He definitely knows he shouldn't be here, so if he were to get caught he'd probably face some serious consequences. Knowing that he'd deserve them isn't enough to deter him from browsing around as long as he can in an attempt to maximize his time here.]


[He wonders if they sell plants here. Just a little flower or two to brighten up his room would be nice. He could also bring some gifts back for his friends...So he keeps an eye out for both.]

THE BAZAAR especially of the back door nature

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[SUPER LATE but open to any backdating especially if you are interested in having Cave possibly trade you over for something. I'll be vague and hand wave otherwise.]

The last time Cave saw a mysterious door ( with illegible grease pencil on it, it was probably back in Aperture. And yes, he did walk through it without a flicker of doubt in his mind as to what might be behind it. It was a door. You opened doors. Open, close; that's what they were there for. To his surprise and delight, it somehow lead him to that station the Captain and the Engineer were going on about not long ago. The station that was implied to be rather off-limits.

Limits. Hah! Cave didn't know the meaning of the word. No, seriously, he really didn't.

That said, his body did have limits so after walking around and discovering the bazaar it didn't take him long to find more seedy and shady vendors selling drugs and painkillers and other sorts of unsavory items which he was of course very interested in. And novelty items. Along with items that screamed, "I would look great on that space desk you don't have yet, (by the way there's an overpriced space desk over here)" or "use me in the name of science, use me now, Cave", or simply "I'm shiny". What did he have to trade for such enticing things?

- One (1) empty bottle of pain killers and
- Years (years) of being a successful (if not doggedly determined and plain crazy) salesman and businessman behind him.

It was quite possibly very frightening how well that combination worked, as Cave haggled and smooth talked his way up the trading ladder; trading the bottle for something slightly better, then trading that for something slightly better and so forth. He was loving every second of it. He was getting some nice clothes, more LIQUID GOLD for his growing former robot/AI now employee/personal buttmonkey/acquaintance/future test subject/personal amusement collective, learning more about all this space stuff from the locals, and that one little empty bottle was taking him surprisingly far. If he finally encountered a particularly resistant vendor, well, he was sure he could think of something else more lively and interesting to throw in to sweeten the deal...
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So late but also so open.

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Rarity had no idea what kind of currency they used in this strange new world. She arrived on board Tranquility with no bits in her locker, but she did have a good number of precious gemstones. Everyone loved shiny things, right? It seemed to work for bartering here anyway, although for time to time she was able to charm her way into a free few metres of thread or a roll of fabric here and there. Being the Element of Generosity also meant having a knack for inspiring it in others, after all.

There was just one problem... How was she going to carry all this back?


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[ Kasumi finally keys off her cloak as she steps into the square. She'd considered heading straight for the bazaar to see what her well-honed nose for illegal commerce could sniff out for her but had, at the last moment, thought better of the idea and let her feet carry her quietly toward the heart of the station, looking for a place where locals might gather to be poked and prodded for information. That, she's decided, is far more valuable to all of them now than anything they could buy in the bazaar.

She'd done her best to avoid her fellow stow-aways on the way over, admittedly not quite trusting some of them to not get her caught by association. But now that she's settling in for a little while, finding a place to sit and stretch her legs and act like she belongs here, she keeps her eyes open for familiar faces as well. The locals aren't the only one with stories to tell, after all.
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open for other explorer types!

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[The minute she knows Ward and Resnik are gone, Re-l forgoes any formality she might have about respect. Her curiosity refuses to let her be content here, not when something could be hidden on board the ship. Ever since that first conversation, since the idea came up that this could have been foul play or someone else's work, she's felt uneasy about everything here. Her fellow crewmen - if she dares call them such - might be reliable and trustworthy, but she needs to know the truth. She needs to know what's really going on.

She outfits herself in her old clothes from home, her shotgun strapped to her thigh, and sets out. She has something of a makeshift map (scraped together from network posts and from her own explorations) to know the 'off-limits' sections and the places she hasn't dared try to go yet.

Now's the time. And there's not a lot of it. She heads out without a word, hoping the excitement over the docking will distract enough people so no one knows she's gone.]
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[Re-l wasn't the only one who wanted to find out more. Megamind was looking for-- anything, really-- that would advance his plans. With his brainbot in tow and his own crude maps now digitized and refined, up on a holgraphic display from his watch, he headed out from engineering after all the announcements.

He finds Re-l when the lift stops on another floor. He's seen her-- never spoken to her, but looks at her, looks at her maps, look at HIS very obvious, glowing map, and then at his brainbot. He shrugs once, and sighs.]

Looking for a swim buddy?

[Proverbially speaking, anyway.]

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Closed to Chase

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The Doctor had gone to find Chase after Resnik and Ward had flown away. If you were going to venture into the bowels of an ominously mysterious locale, you wanted the person with prescient hunches to come along.

The option of heading for the bridge had occurred to him - but, for the most part, he trusted the Captain. At least far enough to believe him when he claimed not to know what had happened. Thus, the truth likely wouldn't be found there, but somewhere in the Tranquility's labyrinth.

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Chase looks up, curious when she hears footsteps. She doesn't have super hearing or anything of the like, but the Doctor has a sort of walk, a saunter that's both weary and cheerful at the same time, flowing just as much as his hands when he talks. That's the reason she's not surprised when she looks up from her lilac coloured book and nods.

"I was thinking of stowing away," she says immediately. "But I wasn't quite confident in how to do it."

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LATE BUT OPEN-ish (specifically for ariadne and chase, but others are free to bug her)

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[With their "keepers" (Gamemakers in her stubborn, still delusional mind) away, Katniss decides to play. Or more accurately she embarks on yet another exploration of the ship.

Keeping Kasumi’s deal in mind, she keeps an eye out for any vents as she wanders through the various hallways, ready to mark them on her crudely drawn map. As always the lack of windows is unnerving. It’s as if they don’t want anyone seeing what lies behind these metal walls. They claim it’s just space, but they claim many things that could be all lies. Like how everyone being here was simply an unknown accident. How this isn’t some elaborate ploy by the government to gather the “problem cases” in one place, play with their minds in twisted games, and eventually kill them off one by one…

At the sudden sound of footsteps behind her, Katniss instinctively turns around and greets its source with a very sharp and menacing arrow aimed right at them. Lucky for them she doesn't any intention to shoot, just intimidate. Still her glare is as menacing and threatening as ever. Whoever this is caught her off guard, and she hates being caught off guard.

You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that.
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(set after the mysterious door expedition)

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[The foosteps are Stats wandering around a bit. He's been exploring an unknown corridor with a few others, and he's wandering about just a little, when he sees someone pointing an arrow at him.]
Hey, PUT THAT DOWN! [Stats almost jumps.] I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you; I didn't know you were there. Would you please put that down.
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Chase is staring at the arrow, looking up at the other girl from where she stands. She's young, too, and Chase's mouth twitches into half-smile. The 11 year old is clearly not amused, not is she taking the stranger's threats seriously.

"You should put that down before you shoot innocent people, miss." Her voice is deadpan and dry and not at all what one would expect for someone so young--and tucked under her arm, wedged in between her Ghansgraad, the Holy Scripture, was a similar crudely drawn map.

She regards the other with a raised eyebrow before pushing past her, completely waving the girl off. Chase has seen much, much more in the way of intimidation techniques. That, and there's the confidence that she could definitely beat the girl fi she tried anything.

Re: /joins~~~

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WHEN THE CAT'S AWAY ▶ BREAK-IN (closed thread)

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[He's not going to waste any time getting up to the bridge once the shuttle has left. There's only so much that he can do in even a few short hours, and most of that will no doubt be spent trying to bypass security systems. Besides, he already has a mark against him for being non-human - better to not aggravate tensions by getting caught by the human crew.]

[He turns a corridor, one of which he believes runs in the same direction as the Tranquility's bridge. And he likely is not the only one.]
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[He's not. Down the corridor is a rather orange woman with a single makeshift tool in hand and a determined look. Hearing the approach of someone else Sikozu quickly climbs up the nearest wall and onto the ceiling; she's not about to be detoured from her little mission by some wayward "crew member."]

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[it's true that he isn't the only one with this idea. after some parting words to Spock and an agreement to split up without the watchful eyes of the captain and commander over their shoulders, Jim made a break for the bridge.

he should have known he wouldn't be the only one, and his tread grows cautionary when he's faced with the back of a stranger before the closed doors of the bridge.]

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[With a bit of extra help found (and then some), it's time to finally break into the Tranquility's bridge. Guide performs a sweep around the doorway to locate and/or disable any outstanding security features and, upon finding only the lock, disarms it in the most efficient way available to him: by applying brute strength, and more of it than any human could possibly muster.]

[With the door down, the bridge is open to them. There's a slight problem - a local alarm, which fortunately only seems to be sounding in corridors around the bridge rather than throughout the whole ship - but it's not something that can't be dealt with. However, there is an element of time to this, and with the alarm sounding that element is made all the more apparent. Better get to work before someone else comes along.]

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