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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
LOCATION: Strela Outpost.
WARNINGS: Mind horror, hivemindery, etc.
SUMMARY: Communal brainwashing.
NOTES: Divided by locations; players are free to indicate which day/stage, and to begin new subthreads wherever they'd like! Processing log is here.

After the meeting in the shuttle bay, you've been loaded into the shuttles and have begun your short journey towards the station. Upon landing, you're free to go where you please; but be cautious, because there's something weird about the place...

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This was like Angeles.

Rey hadn't thought about that city in some time, but the likeliness that she saw now was uncanny. The way people carried on, looked at you strangely when you tried to carry a conversation, if you tried to carry a conversation... It wasn't like she was very talkative in the first place, or that she sought solace in civil conversation. If nothing else, she was perfectly fine with walking amongst the crowd, being part of the numbers.

On the plus side, at least there was no one to shove her out into fast-moving traffic this time. No cars plowing into her at sixty miles per hour and, somehow, not breaking a single bone in her body. Maybe a cracked rib or two, or a dislocated shoulder, but nothing stopping her from getting up and walking away.

Moose woman.

Something caught her eye, though. A fast-moving form darting within the slow wave of the people. Her head tilted, as if the slight incline of perspective would make things any easier to discern. But as her eyes adjusted, she saw that it was someone from the Tranquility, not another digit within the Strela population, part of a collective whole.

Removing herself from that collective, she just turned and followed this particular individual, keeping up with him despite not having to sprint to the same degree as he was. You know, like in those horror movies. That wasn't bound to be startling in the least when she started seeking out the Dutchman.
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Much, much too late, the idea of trying to blend in comes to him. And maybe if he'd done that he wouldn't be standing silent and rigid - broad shoulders wedged into a dark corner in what should be a deserted area - and still feel like he was being watched.

At the same time he's wondering if it's foolish to believe in the idea of citizens, out here. For the first time he saw outer space, saw where they weren't, and somewhere along the way the full weight of his predicament had clicked. These people are not his people.
Not those on Strela, not ever. They're nothing like his own. But the Tranquility's residents... he doesn't know.
Too fucking bad he didn't bring a weapon.

Back to the wall, he keeps as silent and still as a coil ready to snap into action can.
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There was something wrong with her. She wasn't in sync. The people here knew that, and treated her with a kind of cold distance. It wasn't much unlike anything she'd ever experienced before, but that didn't make the whole scene any less unsettling.

She slowed down her fast-walk as soon as the subject fell out of sight. Actually, he wasn't much of a subject, but a point of interest. When all else failed, her mind went to a more technical perspective, logical in all its simplicities.

It made sense.

This place did not.

So she moved, and did not stop until she managed to find that shape in the dark corner that wasn't so dark, once her eyes adjusted to it. Her head tilted in the direction of that guy that she vaguely knew, but hardly recognizable now that he wasn't guised under the influence of delusions or blurred sickness.

Oh, hello.
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It's too dark for him to make out who it is, and the moment when he figures out that, no, he's not simply being watched - that someone is actively watching him - that moment is obvious if one is observant. He stills, takes a breath, and gently slips his device back into one of his pockets.

The moment that he decides to get the hell out of there? Not so obvious.

It's a sudden burst of motion, and he attempts to sprint out of his corner and shove whoever the fuck this is right out of the way - only to slam into what must be a solid metal statue masquerading as a person.

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Great work. He might as well have had better luck trying to move a lamppost with his bare hands.

She only budged slightly, but the momentum that plowed into her then wasn't enough to actually bowl her over or anything. Rey just stood there, blinked for a moment in order to get her bearings before reaching out to grab something. Cloth, more like it. Her grip tightened over him as he legs planted, not going anywhere anytime soon. At all.

"You." It was a simple sound that shattered the silence, as opposed to the mindless worker bees that waded through the day with not a care in the world.

She knew this guy, kind of.

Why was he running?
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Goddamn how was he supposed to know that she wasn't a normal fucking citizen, but some kind of freaky person in the shadows who has a vice grip on him and whose shoulder basically just knocked the wind right out of his lungs. Ow. He doesn't even have the breath to mutter a curse like he wants to, it was that much like running straight into a tank.

Before he processes the fact that he knows that voice (more the tone of it) he culls up his real strength and shoves at her, out of the panic that comes from being trapped - only to lunge forward almost immediately, to slap a hand over her mouth, expression somehow even more worried than before.
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...And now he was touching her face.

Rey's initial reaction would have been punching him right in the jaw, which she didn't end up doing. Instead, she just gave him a look, letting go of his shirt and holding her arms out at her sides. She didn't, couldn't say anything, but instead spoke with motions and expressions that did it for her.

Like What's the big deal? or... something akin to that.
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Despite having his hand over her mouth, he shakes his head no, just in case, like his hand might not be good enough to prevent it if she really wants to speak. Frantically, he was trying to come up with what he knew about her and pulling the few things she'd given him out of the haze of fevered memory was hard. The only thing he remembers is burning - not the sensation, but the word itself - and he's not sure if it was important or if the word sticks with him because that's how he felt at the time.

When she lets him go, he does relax - barely, briefly. It's only when he sees her hold her arms out that he drops his hand, and instead of answering right away he jerks his thumb back to the corner he was holed up in not one minute ago.
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Her eyes dart between the direction he points, and then back to him again. No one else -- none of the drones seem to be looking, so she starts moving. Rey is not nearly sneaky enough to be any master of stealth, though she isn't terribly concerned. She's pretty convinced that if trouble does come her way, she'd be able to handle it.

She's been burned before, after all.

Rey nods. Without waiting, she starts towards the corner. Couldn't hurt to be more secretive.
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This location was chosen because there were hardly any drones to look at him, and as soon as she starts he turns on his heel and follows, torn between the urge to hide and press further in and getting too close to her. Because what the hell was she.

So he halts a pace away, awkward, and throws his shoulders back against the dark of the wall as he pulls out his device (only to see another message from Asato). His voice is too low, it'll carry, and it's easier to hand over the conversation on-screen than explain it. There's nothing overly private about the conversation, anyway - just that the two of them both thought something was off and were now in hiding. Separate.
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The distance doesn't bother her. She feels like she must be used to it. They didn't get close, either. Too afraid of the thing called "Salamander". And they should be -- they need to be.

When he stops, so does she. Ridged. Then turns, at attention. She doesn't lean against things, and she stands perfectly straight when she does.

After he takes out his device, Rey almost forgot that she had hers as well. She hadn't thought about it much since the people here seemed to regard the communicators would a strange behavior as well. Using them felt just about as safe as talking.

She stops, and then takes out her device. She's able to remember his number and send a ping over his screen:

i have seen this happen before.
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While he notices that she doesn't lean against the wall, and he notices that she neither steps toward or away from him, it doesn't bother him at all. The way she carries herself is her own business. The fact that she doesn't seem to care too much about hiding? That bothers him.

But at least she doesn't speak aloud, he thinks, rolling a shoulder as he watches her type out of some strange combination of worry and relief.

When he gets a message of his own he turns his head and blinks at her, surprised that she would remember his number, wondering if she was the type to track the network or was simply good with that kind of shit. It takes him a moment to turn to the message, but as soon as he does all idle thoughts scatter as he tightens his jaw and replies.

What was it

Not "what is it", because for all he knows she could be dead wrong.
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Rey remembers a lot of things. She forgets a lot of things, too, but that's because she's made to forget. Every detail she sees and experiences, though, is embedded in memory -- like the scars on her face.

Don't forget.

Her eyes look up at him while he replies, before they shift back down to her screen. She takes a moment, and puts that memory of hers to use:

they called it permutation. it was a process that alters someone's personality. most of the time, it was intended to make them more complacent. it was tested on mental patients at first. then civilians that were societal threats. subjects to galvanization. if people didn't behave the way the commonwealth wanted them to, they would be arrested and treated to permutation.

but there were also people that the treatment didn't work on.

in any case, i think something like that has happened to the people here.

Rey... hadn't told anyone this. Most oft he time, she didn't tell anyone anything. However, recent events led her on a little walk down memory lane -- and the coincidences were more than a little uncanny.
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Despite his wariness and his dislike of being too close to anyone, let alone someone who's nearly a stranger to him, he finds himself leaning toward her as as she types... and types... and keeps typing... He's too impatient to wait until she sends it back to him, it seems, even though he can only discern snippets of the text at this angle.

Even when she sends it he doesn't retreat to where he was before, too busy scanning over the information and turning it around in his head, each change of thought echoed in the way he bites his lip in a new and different manner. He takes a moment to flick his eyes up and study her, seriously, to make sure (of what?) before he replies in kind.

Do they act the same?

It's tempting to pull a Sherlock and simply type "expound", but he leaves it at that.
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It's the most that Rey has ever typed on these things before. Lack of talking and typing and interaction at all was the norm for her. In that regard, what makes her any different from these people?

You're not like me... You're not better than me.

So stop looking at me like that!

She blinks and looks down at the words on her screen.

some of them do. the affected ones do as well, for a time. but then they either revert back to their previous state of mind, or they become worse. the go insane. they kept them locked up at this hospital until everyone was killed in a riot.
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He gives a shake of his head down at her reply, no, that's not what he was asking. Or at least that wasn't the answer he was looking for. While he certainly takes note of what she provides (and takes a mental note to pry about it, later, when the situation isn't as dire - maybe during one of those lulls of absolute boredom) he doesn't address it in the least.

No. Why do you think the citizens here are like the ones you know
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apologies. you did not specify.

She stops and looks up at him briefly, blank-faced as she usually is. Someone who doesn't emote herself very well, whether she wants to or if she even knows how. It's information that she's kept to herself for some time. About herself. She has no reason to share it. She also has no reason to keep secrets and lies.

Everything is always seen on the surface level with Rey. Anything beneath is too complex, illogical. Like human behavior. Take that away, and it becomes something she can understand.

it's because of the way they move. their conditioning is similar.

i would be careful. when they notice you are not like them, they may become hostile. they do not like different.
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The only thing that keeps him from huffing at her initial reply is that he literally bites it back - tucks his lower lip in and bites down, taking in a long, drawn breath that hopefully isn't too loud. And it's that look slightly annoyed look that greets her back - when she looks at him, blank-faced, he knits his brows because that's even worse. How can she look so impassive at a time like this? He's not sure if she's just that good or if she's simply always like this, all flat looks and facts.

At least she seems willing to share said facts, he thinks, glancing down at her studied response.

And that answer is good enough... But it only brings up more questions. What if that happens to Russia, what if the others he knows, here, get caught. What then?

How do you get them out of it then
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For Rey, a normal situation for most people would have had her more on edge than what they were presently faced with. In here, the familiarity of it was almost like a comfort, even if the scenario itself was far from an ideal one. At least, that was what she believed held herself together.

She thought over his question, and shook her head.

you don't. as far as i know, the effects are irreversible. unless they show symptoms of reversion, like someone i knew.

but i don't think anyone has tried, either.

The last part felt worth mentioning. The people from her world seemed to have a much lesser regard for human life than the people she'd met on the Tranquility. Another "normal" situation that she didn't know how to handle half of the time.
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As soon as she shakes her head, he slumps, even before he reads the words she sends. That can't be good - and it turns out that it isn't. Irreversible isn't something he wants to hear, let alone read, so he latches on to the other option despite his lack of knowledge.


It's only after he sends it that he glances over her words once more, and catches on the last part. No one has tried, huh. He splays his fingers out and waves them, without looking, trying to cut her reply off as he sends his next inquiry.

You mean they don't try. Or no one tries to drag them out
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Picking up on the gesture, Rey goes completely still for a matter of seconds. Frozen, statue-like while she watches him type out the corner of her vision. Only her eyes move back towards the screen when she notices that he's finished.

not really.

most people don't seem to care.

She stops at that, staring at her own words. Something about it seems wrong, much like everything else feels wrong where she's from. Like how everything here feels. Hollowed out and cold.
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He's too busy frowning down at her response to notice that she has stopped, herself. All he can think is why. Surely the people where she's from care about - does she care about - is she - ?

Are you one of them

And after a pause, what might be the same question and not the same all at once:

Do you care
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Rey stared at the words for a very long moment. All they begged for was a simple response, but in light of things, they might as well have been Greek to her, jumbled up in confusion.

i don't know.

There were people she knew who did care. She knew that much. Faye cared. Enid and David cared, in their own way. Even Tejinder cared, for as much as he had tried to tell her otherwise. Rey wasn't anything like these people from Angeles; she couldn't even pretend to be.
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In the time it takes her to respond he's already started to chew on his nails, out of stress, out of whatever, but when his device lights up he snaps right back to it. And in turn has a snappy answer. Barely takes him twenty seconds before it's sent right back, and once it's sent he looks her way.

To both?

Can't make a judgement call without clarification.
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Good thing she doesn't notice his nervous little ticks -- too busy staring at her screen in order to really make any note of it. She finds herself fixed on the glowing words for awhile, trying to process what she should say next.

There is no concept of too much information, or withholding it. That's never done her any good. When someone's asked her questions in the past, she's had no real reason not to answer truthfully. Perhaps that's where the problem with her really lies.

She stares at the new text on the screen again. Rather than typing anything back, she just nods.


Yes, sir.


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