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LOCATION: Gravity Couch Room
WARNINGS: Possible swearing, possible violence, implied (and possibly explicit) nakedness.
SUMMARY: Another month, another jump, another round of new faces.
NOTES: Keeping up with the tradition and copy pasted from the last one

You wake up in darkness.

There's a breathing tube jammed down your trachea, and you're suspended in a tube of clear blue fluid. Upon registering your level of consciousness, the gravity couch drains the fluid surrounding you and retracts the breathing apparatus; the doors in front of you open, and you're deposited on the floor of a stark, sterile medical bay.

You are not alone.

There are others who have come before you, others who are awakening beside you. Some may be familiar to you, perhaps even friends. Others have much less amiable plans. Some are merely alien and inexplicable, but there are always those who might mean you harm.

After you catch your breath and your vision returns, you notice a number on the inside of your forearm. Maybe it's a familiar number. Maybe it means something. Maybe it's just a number. But the number—completely unique to you—is a tattoo, and it does not come off.

If you enter the room adjacent to the medbay, you will find a small locker with your number on it, surrounded by rows upon rows of identical lockers. Inside, you will find a few of your personal items, a communications device, and a ship's uniform in your exact size. The comms device is fully powered and connects directly to the ship's network; it's your only means of communication beyond physical conversation. Upon turning the device on, a neutral, automated voice will say, "Please take the blue lift to the passenger quarters." Any other attempts at communicating with the rest of the network are met only with static.

This is your welcome party.

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She wakes up, and feels the same.

It's a ritual that Rey has become all too accustomed to. Even with the occasional memory-flash, the things that she would remember -- mostly unpleasant ones, but were neither here nor there as far as she was concerned... She didn't know what to think of it. If there was a normal response to these experiences. How did a person who literally had nothing know what
to do with a few memories at their disposal?

Natalie might know. Or maybe she was a distraction. No one else seemed to be better with the former than her. At least, she provided Rey with something else to be concerned with. Rey, already dressed and cleaned off, started following, and imitating her vigilance.
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Rey will never stop fascinating her. Despite her own suspicions about the other woman, she hasn't brought voice to them fully yet -- the idea that perhaps Rey is closer related to the cylons on this ship than the humans -- because such a thing can be overwhelming.

Natalie is, for her part, in better spirits than most find themselves after a jump. Even a handful of familiar faces brought to her was a blessing, especially when one of them had news of their future. She lets Rey follow without any pressure for speech for a time, but eventually she turns to the other woman.

"Anyone that you know?" New people, of course.
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It was only a matter of time before she got noticed. Rey waited for it, so she didn't express surprise or anything when Natalie eventually turned, addressing Rey's presence.

Her eyes turned towards the others who were waking up, and then back to Natalie. Her head didn't move. "Negative. It's good. I don't believe the few I do know would adapt well here."

David was crazy. Enid was axe-crazy. Tejinder was blind and has his own issues to contend with. And Faye...

Faye was too nice for this.
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She nods.

"I think I understand exactly what you mean. There's someone here from the Galactica that my have some problems adjusting." Gaius was -- an interesting man, and a clever one -- but she didn't know him as well as Caprica did, so she couldn't predict how he'd react.

"I suppose I'll have to keep an eye on him."
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First sign of head movement: Rey actually nodded. She didn't need to think about it very hard to realize that she wouldn't know the first thing about looking after someone. She didn't exactly handle guiding a mostly-blind man once with great care. Most of the time, she'd just leave once someone's use had run out -- or vice versa, and they no longer had any use for her. Friendship was about how much beneficial gain you got out of the other, right? None of that wishy-washy being friends because I like you crap.

...In that case, where did that leave Natalie, with Rey?

"Good luck." It was all she could manage, after what felt like being trapped in her head again for a long moment.
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Obviously Natalie was of use to Rey, and Rey was of great interest to Natalie. She didn't see much use in labels, especially in a place like this were people were so varied and many, so Rey needn't worry too much.

"I think that Caprica will be more interested in taking on the bulk of that responsibility, honestly, but an extra set of eyes couldn't hurt."

She crosses her arms over her chest, still watching the new arrivals.

"...getting out of these couches always makes me hungry. We should head to the kitchen."
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Filing people into categories just seemed more organized for Rey. Though, for someone who's entire existence was in disarray, it was a miracle that she could even manage that.

"No, suppose not." The people here -- usually pretty helpful towards other people. It was much different from what Rey could remember from Angeles...

For the most part.

"I'm not hungry." Rey always said this. She was never hungry. Even when she was hungry, or believed she should feel hungry... "There is something wrong with the food."

It's all completely rotten.
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"Something wrong with it?" That was the first she was hearing of Rey's problems with the food. She'd seen a few strange things in the rations area, but she hadn't seen anything that was wholly unappetizing.

It wasn't as if Natalie really needed to each much, but she still needed things like her organs and muscles taken care of.
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"It's all expired. But no one notices it. No one noticed in the city, either."

Or maybe it wasn't Angeles, or the ship, or the outpost -- but Rey's messed up senses. Sure enough, to her, it was the foulest shit that she had ever tasted (not that she had much to go off of in comparison). For others, everything is just fine and dandy.

Eating always seemed more like a chore than anything. She tolerated it, ate when she could for the sheer necessity of it. Not because she was hungry. She never went hungry.

...That couldn't be normal, could it?
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"I think I would've noticed if the food was expired. But you said that it was like this at home, too?" She wants to ask if perhaps Rey has some sort of glitch or malfunction, but it occurs to her that this might be a little rude.

"Nothing appeals to you?" That could also be a mental concern, but -- well. She's still walking them to the kitchen so she can get something for herself.
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At this point, Rey would just follow wherever Natalie was going. It wasn't like she had anything better to do with her time, anyway.

Rey fell silent at Natalie's words. She didn't eat much in the city, either. Or in Faye's little safehouse, with all the soups and sandwiches and other remedies she'd provided. Not much she could do. She was catatonic. Her mind had shut down, but her body at least (vaguely) functioned.

"I'm not lying." Why else would the food taste spoiled? "I've never eaten anything that didn't taste just sour."
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"I didn't say you were lying. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't just the food here that was giving you trouble."

She pauses, trying to figure out what she can do to help.

"If you're up for it, I have something we could try." Maybe some sort of projection could make her eating a little more bearable. If nothing else, it would help her figure out whether Rey really was more like a cylon than anything else.
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"Why wouldn't it be? Something is clearly broken here." She was sure of that much.

Though, now that she thought about it, it wouldn't entirely surprise Rey if the broken one turned out to be her. She didn't hold herself together particularly well. She didn't always function.

"...Couldn't hurt, I suppose." At least no one could say that Rey wasn't agreeable.
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"Do you ever remember things tasting good? Or at least, not tasting like they were rotten." This is an important part of what she's planning to try, so she wants to make sure she isn't just wasting Rey's time, first.

Even if something is clearly broken on this ship, she doesn't think it should have anything to do with the food.
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"No." She was pretty definitive about it. The things Rey could remember were like puzzle pieces scattered all over the place. So much of it made little sense, and hardly ever pulled together a clear picture. "There used to be the rations that my team would keep out on the field. MREs. They always eat without me. I hear someone say that the food they serve isn't half bad, like their mom's cooking. He laughs because he says his mom doesn't cook that well to begin with. They always laugh without me. So I eat alone. It tastes like shit, not cooking. I don't know anything about cooking."

The picture was made clearer now, more so than it had when Rey had first met Natalie.

This time, she remembered snow.
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The more that Rey talked about the people that she'd been associated with at home, the more that Natalie dislikes them. She frowns, though, starts fixing herself a tin of soup.

"I'm sorry to hear that. For some people, good food can do wonders. Have you ever thought about what you'd like it to taste like?"
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Most of those people were probably dead by now. Rey hadn't thought about it much. As usual, she could remember things, but they were scattered all over.

"Negative. I always believed that it was normal." She stared at Natalie as she opened the tin. The smell was faint to her. It was strange -- she could recognize the foul stench of corpses easily, but good food? Not something that ever crossed her mind before.
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This was going to be a little more difficult than she'd first anticipated.

"...well, if you could imagine it -- it might help trick your mind into thinking that what you were eating actually does taste good. I know it sound silly, but..." maybe it was all a moot point, if she'd never tasted really good food.

The soup goes into a pot and onto the stove to heat up.

"It might be worth a try."
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It did sound silly. Her mouth snapped shut at first, as she stared at the soup. Much like everything else, it didn't look particularly appetizing to her. Nothing ever did.

"I'm not opposed to trying, but I don't see how I'm supposed to imagine something that I've never had before." It didn't help that Rey had all the imagination of a dull rock.

Yeah, this was going to end well.
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"How's your sense of smell?"

Because that was closely linked to taste, she assumed that the smell would be off as well -- but maybe they'd be lucky. That was, admittedly, not the pattern of poor Rey's life, it seemed.
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"Not that great." She shrugged, assuming that Natalie might've been talking about variety, as far as smells went.

When she was in the morgue, the smells were intense. The stench of death was always something that lingered on the tip of Rey's senses.

It was all she seemed to need.
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"If you focus on the way food smells, do you think that would help you?"

She raised an eyebrow. The soup hadn't taken long to heat through, so she poured them both a bowl and set them down on the table in front of Rey.
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"I'm not certain. Everything around me is just..." Rey shook her head. She didn't stammer. She wasn't about to start now. "I don't know."

This was frustrating. She looked down at the soup. She saw the steam, but her stomach churned at the sight of it. Unappealing, as most things usually were to her...
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"You can try to focus on what you think the smell would taste like. You -- also don't have to eat if you don't want to."

She takes a few spoonfuls of her own soup, though. "And does everything just feel -- off?"
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"...I'm not hungry." She felt like a broken record, saying the same thing in the same tone repeatedly. It hurt her head to think about.

Her eyes shift from the soup, to Natalie. Rey bit her tongue, mulling over the question. Suppose there was a time in which things didn't feel wrong. If there was, it felt too long ago to remember.

"I think so. Sometimes it feels as if I'm still asleep, except I'm not. I know I'm not. Even then, I have to stop myself from doing certain things to make sure. It's getting more difficult." She had to look elsewhere, fixed her eyes on the counter instead. Surrounded by all these utensils, her inclinations would have been to reach for a knife. Test just how real this all really was.

But that wasn't logical... Was it?

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