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LOCATION: Holodeck 3
WARNINGS: violence language etc etc
SUMMARY: basically a mingling log where you can also punch each other
NOTES: around midday everyone will get this message on their communicator:

Fight Club, Holodeck 3.

Spectators welcome.

Anyone arriving will find the holodeck almost as it comes: a wide open space with very few decorations. In the middle of the room are a set of mats (as per request of one of the good doctors). There are benches, like bleachers, pushed up against the wall for people to sit on, and some towels folded on a table. The only rules remain no hitting in the face, no excessive use of superhuman ability, no weapons and no incapacitation of your opponent (as in, try not to break each other's limbs, we might need you to run somewhere in the next month) which Kirk details once enough people have arrived to get things going.

After that, it's essentially a free for all.
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Nine months.

At least, it had been nine jumps that Rey has been a regular presence aboard the Tranquility. Only now did she decide to attend one of these, as per invitation.

It seemed right up her alley. She had intended to spar for some time, but hadn't found anyone inclined to do so in private. To be honest, she was reluctant now. A vague flash of memory indicated that she had slit a man's throat on a whim when he had attacked her first. She knew the rules here. It would wouldn't be good for anyone if a trigger went off and she suddenly snapped, reverting back to her old self. The self who broke and cracked a man's spine while in a fugue state.

What was that old self she thought so much about?

A soldier with a gun. An operative on the field. Yes, she was capable of holding her own in a fight. More than just that. It was also disconcerting as well, knowing that she may not have an off switch when that time came.

Born to die.

She could go when summoned, and leave when unwanted. It wasn't hard. So she avoided this thing, as she always did. Kept to herself, as she always did. Stalked the sidelines, like a good dog of war.
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[I'll try to stay in past tense -- if I lapse into present, thwack me and I'll edit.]

His fight with Garrett had distracted Anders for some time. Anyone could have been doing anything and he wouldn't have noticed. Catching sight of an unfamiliar young woman, he couldn't tell whether she was playing the wallflower or whether she'd already been in a fight. The absence of visible wounds meant little to Anders.

"Are you all right? Looking for someone?" The latter question was to let her save face, if she needed it, really.
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[ooc: No worries, bro!]

Rey very rarely initiated conversation. If she saw something among a crowd to catch her eye, it was usually a matter of waiting to be noticed first, rather than the other way around.

So when the question summoned her attention just then, only her eyes shifted in the direction of a man who looked like he'd just gotten out of a recent fight. A little bit of blood and violence hardly troubled her.

"Negative. Only watching, for now."
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