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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
LOCATION: Oxygen Gardens
WARNINGS: Camping.
SUMMARY: Hanging out in camp, discussing pirates, etc.
NOTES: Open to all!

Camping may not be an expected activity on a spaceship, but the gardens are large and have clear, grassy areas for people to gather together. You can help set up tents, inventory supplies or guard the perimeter — just keep an eye out for any strange faces trying to sneak in...

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Rey | OTA

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Rey is already camped in the gardens, and has been for some time -- ever since her own room on the lower first deck has been in no habitable condition. Doesn't mean that she is adverse to sharing the space, however. Not when there's so much of it to go around. And it's peaceful here. Easy to think, and speak.

Of all places for any unwelcome guests to ransack, the gardens is most important. That's been her lasting impression. Oxygen was, after all, important.

And food.

The jungled areas are a tangly mess and easy to hide in. Which she does for the most part when faces, both familiar and strange to her, arrive. For those who wander in her general area, she will likely stalk them silently for some time until it becomes clear that their motivations are to settle and not to take. Whether they decide to strike conversation is entirely up to them.
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Having spent many hours of her stay on the Tranquility since joining the Agriculture department, Eileen is familiar with the gardens. Though she's not so much checking in on things as she is wandering. While she's grateful for the safe zone she's also feeling restless. She knows better, she should be here, her meager weapons are back in her room and she still doesn't have any formal defense training.

Then again, she hasn't done anything about it, has she?

A small sigh, Rey will see a familiar face wander right into the area she's occupying - pretty green eyes and all.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2013-04-21 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
There are occasions in which Rey has considered leaving the gardens to do what Eileen has thought about. Though Rey may be already equipped, leaving their defenses open for others to pillage and turn against them seems just as unwise as crossing their unknown invaders.

In fact, Rey just started to consider putting this plan into action -- until she catches a quick glimpse of those green eyes and familiar form treading through her messy area. The path runs thin here, so it's a surprise to see anyone at first.

For as heavy as Rey is by mass, she is light on her feet when she steps out onto the path behind Eileen.

Because that's totally not being creepy and unlikely to startle anyone or anything.
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For a few minutes, Eileen continues walking until she suddenly stops. Hands on her hips, she looks down at the ground, words coming out softly.

"Let it go, Eileen."

She shakes her head, makes a move to keep going down the path. Except something in her gut stops her, leads to a prickle on the back of her neck. She looks over her shoulder, unsure of what she's going to find.
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At this point, a rational person should say something. A congenial hello and how are you doing or words equally as effective. But Rey is one who is not for words and therefore more inclined to stick to Eileen's trail than anything else. Who knows, perhaps saying something would only startle her into caution?

Though Rey is not certain what she would expect when she's approached Eileen directly from behind, like a shadow or a ghost.

Perhaps reaching out for a shoulder would be more appropriate...?
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- appropriate. Haha, right. Before Eileen can see who's behind her she feels the touch to her shoulder and jumps, elbow swinging back and out without much thought.

Does she strike gold? Smack her funny bone? Hit a bionic woman in the face?
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Yeah, Eileen's not the first one to try that. Granted, it was Netherlands' hitting Rey in the shoulder at the time, which wound up hurting him more than her. Remembering this, Rey realizes something.

"Apologies. Are you okay?" Rey asks as she brings her hand up to her face. She's been hit worse. Can't speak for the woman in front of her.
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[personal profile] maternityward303 2013-05-01 03:20 am (UTC)(link)

"Shit - ow," Eileen starts, cradling her elbow. Then she realizes who she just hit. Whoops. "Wow, I'm sorry, you surprised me."

A grimace.
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Ah, yes. That.

Fortunately, Rey has seen that reaction enough to recognize the fact that she is the cause.

"Wasn't my intention." But she did it anyway, so way to go Rey. "How is your hand?"

With the Dutchman it was one thing. But Eileen is a little less solid than him.
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Eileen ain't no brick wall, that's for sure. She shakes out the limb after a moment, the pain starting to fade to a dull thumping. She's dealt with worse.

"I'll be okay."


"Were you following me?"
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That would be marginally comforting to hear, if Rey were aware. As it were, it isn't as though Eileen appears to be in a state of agony. She isn't screaming or bleeding. Rey would definitely know if the latter was happening.

Still, she's relieved. It would be a pain to have to explain hurting someone, she simply tells herself.

"Yes." Rey is, if nothing else, blunt.
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The jungle-covered areas of the gardens were never Cibo's favorite parts of the gardens to begin with. Something about the plants being in all directions made her extremely uncomfortable. Maybe it's the only instance in Cibo's life where she ever feels a little claustrophobic. Maybe that she had never been exposed to these lifeforms and that she still didn't quite understand them or what they were capable of.

She found that they generally did nothing except stay in position. At least when she was looking at them. Did they move when she wasn't looking? Were they setting traps and waiting for her to walk into them? What. Are you. Plants. What. Are you. Planning. Metal was much easier to predict. To read and understand the repetition was embedded into her every sense of being. Organic life? Much different.

Except she had heard a comment or mention of Rey being in here. Somewhere among the scheming wildlife.

"Hello? Rey...? Are you in... here?"
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It was no surprise that sooner or later Rey was going to goof up somewhere. Stealth may not have been her forte, but it was a vital skill in doing what she used to do -- killing, maiming. Taking advantage in the element of surprise.

Then she hears her name called, and begins to worry when she comes out of the dense foliage.

"Apologies. Am I obvious?"

No, it's not as if she's trying to stay out of sight. But she isn't trying to be noticed, either.