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OPEN LOG: Fighting demons for fun and profit

CHARACTERS: Open to everyone!
LOCATION: All over the ship!
WARNINGS: Violence. Cursing, no doubt. Spoilers for season 3 of Buffy? Man, if you haven't watched season 3 of Buffy yet, though, you've got no one to blame but yourself.
SUMMARY: The Mayor has gotten access to an evil power, and would you look at that, he's wreaking some goshdarn havoc.
NOTES: See over here for details on the plot. Starters will be posted for each day. Have fun!

[Things start out quietly enough, but the deterioration is quick. What starts with flickering lights ends with hordes of bloodthirsty demons.

God bless, Tranquility. You never disappoint.]
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OPEN → Hallways

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Monsters again. It's nothing Rey hasn't dealt with already; she's been here for a long, long time to know to accept that it's the norm now. Lack of sleep? No big deal. But no, she was pretty fucking tired, and the weight of her assault rifle in arms felt heavier than it ever did before. She needs to lift it with both hands, having lost the support of her three fingers on her dominant hand. At this point she'd be lucky enough that she can aim and pull the trigger.

Help is not something she goes out of her way to seek out, fatigue or not. After shutting off Taylor's message on the network, Rey makes her way into the flickering halls of the ship. Deeper. Towards engineering. If they're trying to take out the wiring in the ship, it would probably wind up there. Her steps become like balls and chains around the ankles, dragging her back the more she tries to push forward. She almost neglects to pay notice to something big in the dark that's ahead.

Immediately Rey slides up against the shadow on the wall. She can't make out what it is, exactly, but due to its lack of eyes she's pretty sure for a moment that it can't see her...

That is, until she releases the safety on her rifle. It turns. Attentive to the muffled noise. The eyeless thing is fast. It rushes at her.

Hoisting the rifle up with both hands, Rey squeezes the trigger. Several shots boom out. Teeth clenched, she retreats a few steps as the eyeless thing arches its back over her and then stops. For a brief moment, she looks at it and those black sockets seem to be watching her.

Blood gushes out like a hot burning boil. Splatters of it catches her face, her clothes. Rey squints her eyes, but it gets in. She flinches, hearing a drop in the void but can't tell if it's the blind creature or her assault rifle falling from her hands when she grabs her face. She can't open her eyes.

She can't open her eyes.

"Ahhh... Ahhhhh!" Rey gasps, stumbling back against the wall. Although the creature doesn't get back up after being made swiss cheese by rifle rounds, she can still hear something coming. And here she is in the complete dark. Weary, pissed off, and somehow wanting to just fall into it...

With a grunt, she scoops the rifle from the ground. Her hands clutch tighter, the stumps of her missing three fingers no longer searing with pain as much as her eyes are. Because her mind is screaming now instead of her. And the first unfortunate motherfucker to come calling in her direction just might get a rifle butt to the face by a pissed off blind soldier with no sleep.
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Comms has had it pretty damn rough, from the sound of it. He should be there, he knows - but shit, these things in the hallways are freaking him out, and even if they don't seem to be all that aggressive, he tries to avoid them as much as possible as he makes his way there. But then he hears gunfire, and stops.

It could be security, killing these things. That would be nice. He'd appreciate that. He's pretty sure that's what Tex is up to, but that doesn't sound like her battle rifle. Similar, but not exactly the same. And when it does stop, does that mean the shooter won, or does it mean the shooter was killed? Should he go toward the source of the sound, or away? Especially when it sounds like the shooter was injured?

He's no goddamn coward, and he won't let anyone say he is (okay he is, actually, he's a complete coward, but their safety is on the line here, so maybe this once, he can take a slight risk). He edges toward the sound, and stops again as he comes around the corner. A dead thing, and someone huddled against the wall. He recognizes her - they haven't talked much, but he works in comms, he knows just about everyone's face by now. He approaches slowly, while keeping an eye mostly on that weird dead thing.

"Hey, uh, you okay?"