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CHARACTERS: The Naked Sherlock and YOU!
LOCATION: The Kitchen
WARNINGS: Naked!Sherlock
SUMMARY: Sherlock is hungry. Feed him.
NOTES: Action or prose works smashingly, I'll mirror.

[ Sherlock has spent maybe the past two three days cooped up in his room with a chemistry kit. Only bothering really to contact anyone over the network. He's barely slept and he's forgotten to eat. Sherlock is in just a sheet as he enters the kitchen. His hair is disheveled and he is rather grouchy.

If there are already people in the kitchen they are promptly ignored in favor of digging through the fridge for something remotely edible.

Bother naked man, y/n? ]

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[Rey does not feel the need to eat. Hunger isn't an inclination that hits her very often, if at all. Most of the time, she wanders to these parts just out of necessity. The body needs sustenance sometimes, right?

[What she did not expect to find during her sleepy walk to the kitchen, was a naked man.]


Odd time of night to be picking up a snack.

[Yes, there is an unclothed man in the kitchen, and it is the time that concerns her.]
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[Rey stares at him blankly for a long moment. She retreats a few steps backwards, before hoisting herself onto the kitchen counter, where she sits. Her green eyes don't leave him.]

Not sure. I didn't particularly come here for the food.

[She was just bored.]
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[For anyone else, it might be hard to decide whether Rey's flat tone is determined by boredom or default. She isn't really one to enunciate through words alone. But there is body language evident, and despite her seemingly relaxed posture, she's still quite ridged.]

Something like that. Yes.