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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
WARNINGS: Sickness, body horror, etc.
SUMMARY: Sickness central. Treatments, dying slowly, related events.
NOTES: Divided by days a la medbay organisation log in the comments!

You're not feeling too well. The last couple of days have been - rough. The medbay seems to be a bit more full than usual, but you're sure it's nothing to be worried about; whatever the illness is, it'll go away once you've rested and gotten a check-up. Right?

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Rey | OPEN

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It wasn't so bad once you got used to the thought. The imagined footfalls of the lingering one approaching near, scythe in hand. Rey always wondered where she would go if she died, and now she figured that now was as good of any a time to find out... There was no purpose in fighting, and she believed this with thorough conviction. Much like how there wasn't much purpose in anything she ever did. There was no point.

Before, her goals of survival came secondary, once the job got done. With no job to do, she might as well roll over and die. Wouldn't that be more appropriate, for someone like her?

On the one-way train to self-destruction.

Everything hurt, but she was often pretty sure that taking a couple bullets and almost dying the first time was much worse than some rotting insides. Then she recalled the metal box. The casket from which she'd woken up in. With no memory, little strength, Rey was an animated vessel with no reason to be revived.

His face came to mind again. Once it was there, she couldn't cut it away. A man they call Tremond. His head splits open like an egg when she squeezes a bullet into it. But there's no time to dwell. Only run. She'll keep on running. No cause, no will, just a pure thought that tells her to run.


She's been running for a long time now, even when they kept her locked up in that box.

Breathing heavily, Rey choked on a watery cough. She'd been asleep again.

Still here.

Every awakening, it seemed, was met with disappointment.
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action hi

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Sitting was boring as shit. Standing made his entire body quake, and walking wore him out - but being bored and delirious chipped away at his sanity. He was used to sacrificing his body over and over, but his mind wasn't something he liked to let slip out and prance about of his own volition.

So when he shuffled far enough and finally saw her, in person - well. She looked worse than he did, and he looked like he'd been keelhauled, lived through it, and then had landed himself with scurvy.

He simply flops his body across the empty bed beside her and stares.
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hi hello hi what's up hey

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Reacting to the world around her was like trying to waft through molasses. Something moved next to her, but the motions slowed down, blurred, multiplied into such a variety of shapes. A few minutes went by before she could move again. Before that, it seemed as though her body was dead, and her soul or mind or whatever was simply trying to catch up and realize it.

Sadly, such was not the case.

But someone was looking at her then for some reason. They were such a blur, though... she might as well have been blind.

Her head rolled over her pillow, facing the ceiling. "Still here..." Thoughts echoed into words, as if the revelation could make it any less true.
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"Y'owe me."

If nothing else, he will stay alive to collect her debt.
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works for me!

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...Well, if nothing else, this proved that her sense of hearing remained in tact, as did most of her senses. She just felt like shit.

It also had nothing against her awareness, as she recognized the voice almost immediately.

"Currency exchange?"

Was that a joke?
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By this point he'd decided that the world was spinning way too much for him to bother keeping his eyes open; he did want to keep an eye on her, but what he saw distorted itself long before it got to a place where he could make sense of it. It was pointless. She was worse off than him, anyway.

"Sorta..." It worked its way out of his throat and he had to work the bile back down, concentrate on breathing, first. "Not cash."
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She placed a hand over her mouth, coughed into it some. By the time she lifted her hand again, fresh speckles of blood traced across her sweaty palm.

"Apologies. Can't do much. Dying, most likely." Her plain, matter-of-fact way of handling the subject matter indicated a kind of worry-free openness to her words. "What do you want?"

The least she could do was hear what he had to say.
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What did he want. Well, firstly, he wanted proper payment. Secondly, to live long enough to appreciate it - not as important as the first part, because he could do fuck-all about the staying alive thing. If she was dying he might as well get his time's worth.

"Wanna know what ya can do."
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"...I can die."


Never had a statement been so simultaneously broad and yet so narrow at once. So much that, in Rey's mind, she had to take several moments to allow the words to swirl before she could ever muster a reply from the thick molasses of her thoughts.

"I burn." Sure, it may not be very helpful, but if anyone wanted specifics, they were going to have to work on the art of prying. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't in Rey's nature to share unless asked. Then, she was actually quite an open book.
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He... didn't even have the energy to respond to that. Not a snort, not an - anything. No shit, you can die. She might be able to die and come back, because he'd seen that, he'd done that - but dying in and of itself wasn't a big deal.

But as soon as that thought finally became clear, in the form of something resembling a response, she had put forth something else. Another option, another thing to sift through out of all the swirling shit and bile and changing lights, to take hold of and muse over as best he could. Which wasn't much. Burn was all he caught.

With enough fuel, anything could burn, and suddenly the world flared orange behind his eyelids.

He spent another few moments choking it back, living it over, clearing his throat for speech. Burn, huh. Burn of fever, burn of their own bile, burn of what -

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The facts were there, swirling about in her head. She had no reason to hide, or lie. Not now. It was just a matter of one finding the right questions to ask. But there were also so many ways that one could try and be specific here, and it didn't always turn out well.

"I don't know." Her hand came up over her head, feeling the feverish boil of her forehead beneath her own palm. She could've sworn that she could feel the strength of flames pressing in all around her, tearing her skin off the bones...

When she closed her eyes, she watches the edifices fall, the sky on fire, the civilization burning on and on...

"I know that I burned up an entire city." Correction: "Two cities. Though the second one I'm not so certain."

It was just the fact that two cities she happened to have been in both exploding in a similar nature... Yeah, that tended to come off pretty suspicious.

Seemed to be more pros than cons to this dying thing at the moment.
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He paused, maybe blacked out or maybe just forgot what happened in the meantime, too busy thinking of burning cities and passing out. Of trying not to pass out. What did she say, again?

Right, burning. That she burned, and she burned before now. That she burned something outside of herself.

"You're one-a those." There, he tried to gesture, and it came out as a twitch, escalated into a spasm even as he tried to reign it in. Fuck whatever this sickness was, it locked his jaw and blurred his thinking when he had questions to ask.
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Her head, rested lazily over the pillow, just rolled towards the guy in the bed over. She blinked through the blinding haze that glossed over her blue-shot eyes.

What the hell was that supposed to mean?

"'Those'?" Rey echoed. "I don't understand."
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"...spirits." No, fuck, that wasn't right, his childhood was leaking out of his brain and into his mouth and shit but that sounded dumb, once he had the clarity to process what he'd just said.

But he'd seen them around, saw one around, even if it was paranoia induced but if demons could be here from one world why not one his own (their own) and

He wiped the sweat off his face (or some liquid, who cared) and took a second to breathe.

"Not... uh. Human. Or-" Or something.
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Her fingers speared across her face, spreading the blood she'd forgotten she had coughed up moments ago.

When she started to answer, she only shivered at first. Cold grips ripped her into the ground and buried her alive. That's what it felt like, in any case.


One thing at a time.

A little word. Small breaths. Think deep.

"I don't know." Rey admitted completely, neither capable of accepting nor denying anything. "I don't know anything..."
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"Y'know - y'don't - " It was frustrating, trying to reign in thoughts and logic when all he wanted to do was pass the fuck out, right here.

He rolled over onto his back so that he couldn't see her. She was just as frustrating, and he couldn't decide if she was being honest or deliberately vague - the blood-smearing didn't help, either. Just another reminder of how bad off they all were, and how meaningless this conversation might turn out to be.

Still, a diversion - any diversion - was nice. So long as he could keep track of it.

"Said y'burned cities," he finally stated, closing his eyes to keep the ceiling from spinning, wrenching back, spinning again. "How."
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No, what didn't help was when Rey closed her discolored eyelids, more blood came out. It drained from her tear ducts, though she didn't even feel like she was necessarily crying.

Where the hell was it all coming from, anyway? The blood seeped out... the pain was crippling. She felt like every cell in her body was her enemy, working to destroy her, break her down into little pieces...


Minutes had passed before she could muster words, useless as they might have been: "I don't know... I don't know anything. I can't..."

She winced. Her face caught on fire -- or it felt as such. A strangled groan came out instead of a coherent response that would have otherwise finished that sentence.