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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
LOCATION: Strela Outpost.
WARNINGS: Mind horror, hivemindery, etc.
SUMMARY: Communal brainwashing.
NOTES: Divided by locations; players are free to indicate which day/stage, and to begin new subthreads wherever they'd like! Processing log is here.

After the meeting in the shuttle bay, you've been loaded into the shuttles and have begun your short journey towards the station. Upon landing, you're free to go where you please; but be cautious, because there's something weird about the place...

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[Yeah, well. Rey's been hanging around the shuttles, staring. Not longingly. Just staring.

[She's been around a place like this at one point, where people acted crazy weird. She doesn't like to think that she gets affected by her past experiences that much, but it's enough to make her uneasy and avoid them like the plague. Which is good enough, because they seem to avoid her, too. Mutual agreement!

[But Sulu isn't a local, is he?

[So. Staring.]
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[ well, that certainly is an intense stare. it raises the hairs on sulu's neck, makes him look around to see who has such an interest in him (because sulu doubts its a good thing, being stared at) and his gaze moves over the rest of the carrier before coming to rest on rey.

who is staring.

well then. ]

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[Oh, he talks. That's a definite dead giveaway.

[Rey almost isn't much better, as it takes her a moment to realize that, yeah, common courtesy pretty much states that when someone says hello, you tend to acknowledge that.]

Hello. [She pauses.] ...Apologies. Are you waiting for someone?
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[ more like waiting for everyone to clear out so he can take one of the shuttles for a spin more like, but he can't exactly come out and say that. ]

No. Just deciding what I want to do.

[ no, more like deciding when he wanted to do it. ]

You lost?
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[In face of his question, she cants her head to the side a bit.]

Negative. I would need a destination in order to be lost. I have none. [Because that makes total sense.]